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Paris restaurants: try foods from different regions when traveling in France

Paris Restaurants: 11 Dos and Don’ts

As we all know, the French take their dining seriously. The insider info about what to do when and where, and what to beware of, is helpful whether you are simply stopping for coffee at a neighborhood café or are dining at a classic brasserie, a bistro or one of the many elegant modern Paris restaurants. Once you’ve picked your spot, you’ll need to follow these simple […]

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Make Dior Your Paris Valentine

Photographer Gérard Uféras knows about fashion. But what he excels at is bringing the curious eye backstage. A former student of legendary French lensman Willy Ronis, Uféras also likes to spend time with a subject. Favorites include the worlds of opera and ballet, but he has now branched out—into fashion. Uféras’s new book Dior: 30, avenue Montaigne is a huge, magnificent tome. It’s also the perfect Paris valentine to couture. In focusing on that metier’s secrets and skills, he has forged a very special portrait.

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Stella McCartney in London

Finding Paris in London

In all our worldly travels, Paris remains one of our favorite places on earth. It’s nearly impossible for us to tear ourselves away from the enchanting City of Light once we’ve set foot on its storied boulevards. But since inevitably we must, we can’t help but seek out a little bit of Paris in every city we visit, whether it’s finding a replica of the classic French bistro in New York or sampling our favorite Parisian designer in Beijing.

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An Agnès B. boutique in the 6th Arrondissement, in Paris, features Basquiat in its shopwindows

Star of the Season: Paris Falls for Jean-Michel Basquiat

If you see only one exhibition while you’re in Paris, make it the Jean-Michel Basquiat retrospective. The now-astronomical value of anything touched by this artist makes it a miracle so many pieces were brought together (there are 160). But that’s not why it’s the biggest draw in town; people are going and going back again simply because they see mind-blowing art. Held in what would have been the artist’s 50th year, the show proves Basquiat’s trick of dressing home truths in magical guises still seduces after all the hype.

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Scrooge’s Guide to Christmas in Paris: Part II

You’ve been waiting for it. Here’s the second half of Scrooge’s Christmas goodies! In case you missed the first half, check it out here.

(8) Pick out a Christmas tree
In France most people prefer fake trees or those miniature ones. Personally, I like the real deal. You can usually find real trees at flower shops like Monceau Fleurs and sometimes at the larger markets.

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Sheep and other livestock at the hamlet.

Girl Time with Marie Antoinette

Last week the girls and I cuddled up to watch Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. I love this film—all that pink and powdered blue, all that sumptuous silk and those decadent pastries—it really speaks to my inner girl. And being teens, my girls loved it, too. Suddenly it seemed I had found the perfect way to squeeze both some Mom time and some culture into them at once.

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