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Paris Dining: Caluc

Parisians and tourists are all too familiar with crêpes and galettes from Brittany; indeed the Paris dining scene is […]

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Paris Restaurants: The Rules

Food is a significant part of French culture and being prepped and ready will help you enjoy this essential element…

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French Culture: Five Favorite Holidays

One of the joys of Parisian life is the festive calendar; you’re never really that far from a holiday. Some of these highlights of French culture (such as Bastille Day) are known round the world. Others may be less well […]

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Crêpes to go: L'Avant Comptoir in Paris

Month of the Crêpe

In France, February 2 is La Chandeleur, a pre-Lenten fête that’s all about crêpes. In Paris, La Chandeleur has gone the way of the galette des rois. In other words, just as the galette des rois is “officially” eaten 12 days after Christmas (but actually enjoyed all the way into February), La Chandeleur means this whole month is devoted to crêpes.

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The galette complète at La Compagnie de Bretagne, a chic new crêperie in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris

La Compagnie de Bretagne

There’s been a spate of summer Paris restaurant openings this year, including this swanky new crêperie, featuring pedigreed organic products from Brittany […]

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A galette at the crêperie Little Breizh, a gem in this otherwise tourist-trappy neck of the 6th Arrondissement in Paris

Little Breizh

The other Paris restaurants on this street are all tourist traps, with waiters standing out front to try and lure you in. Ignore them and keep walking until you smell bacon and butter. That’s when you know you’ve arrived at the crêperie Little Breizh.

A young couple runs the place. There is Breton bric-a-brac everywhere […]

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West Country Girl

I’ll admit it: the humble crêperie is one of my favorite places in Paris. The food is affordable—usually less than 15 euros for two courses—and the eating is easy. Nothing goes down better after a night of heavy wine “tasting” than a ham-egg-cheese complète.

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Breizh Café

Every time I visit this place and bite into one of their savory buckwheat galettes, nutty and crisp on the edges, I kick myself for not eating there more often. “Breizh” means “Brittany” in the Breton language (and it is a language, not a dialect of French), and the menu here is a culinary treasure chest of the region. Oysters from the coast, charcuterie from the land, cider from the apple trees and, of course, butter.

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Raspail Organic Market

It is a cold, rainy Sunday morning, but I don’t mind. I never mind a cold Sunday morning in Paris, because the treats and the vendors at my local organic market are full of warmth. As I head out the door, I can almost smell the potato pancakes sizzling on the griddle chez Les Gustalins. It is always my first stop, mostly because it is the first stand on the right as I approach boulevard Raspail from rue du Cherche Midi in the 6th Arrondissement.

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