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Sightseeing in Paris: The Palais Royal

Last week I was taking visitors sightseeing in Paris when we stumbled upon the Palais Royal, an enclosed garden surrounded by shopping arcades, just across the street from the Louvre. This royal palace was once home to Cardinal Richelieu and then fell into the property of the Orléans family. Louis XIV grew up here, honing his sword-fighting skills in these very gardens. After the civil uprising of la Fronde, which seriously threatened the young king’s power and his life, Louis grew to hate the palace, which inspired his move to Versailles.

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The Priscilla bag in China blue, by Corto Moltedo

Shopping in Paris for True Luxury

For me, a true luxury good is something exclusive—and unique. It is not one of the dozens of bags that we see in fashion mags, slung over the shoulder of a celeb this week and at the local mall the next. Thankfully, when shopping in Paris, I can find many designers making exquisite luxury bags that have not yet reached the mass market: beautifully made, stylish bags that are not being worn by all your neighbors and yet have enough international acclaim to be sold in New York City.

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Girl Talk with Pamela Boulet

Like so many women who end up in Paris, Pamela Boulet went for work and stayed for love. What was supposed to last just a few months ended up as a 20-year stint, and with two children and a French husband, it seems she won’t be coming home anytime soon. Pamela has the kind of job so many women I know would kill for. She sells high-end fashion via trunk shows all over the world. Flitting from Southampton to Hong Kong, she sells the designs of Andrew Gn to the international fashionista set.

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