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Paris Fashion: Ocean Bleu

What better way to cool down during the summer months than to dress in turquoise and royal ocean blue tones ?….

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Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris

Spring has arrived in the City of Light, and Paris fashion is taking inspiration from the vibrant foliage, with bright colors popping up all over the city. Color can be used to refresh a traditional look, and this year is no […]

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Paris fashion: green dress by Lutz Huelle

Paris Fashion: Color!

There is a myth that Paris fashion demands that Parisians wear only black. Today the team at L’Exception brings you beautiful, bright-colored dresses for day or evening. Architecturally designed monochrome dresses can be worn so chicly, and they let you stand out from the crowd even if you are not accustomed to wearing color.

This spring and summer, we love these two signature pieces from Lutz Huelle, a talented French designer who emphasizes the original cut and the luxurious material that he uses.

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