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Paris shopping: Un Dimanche à Paris

Paris Shopping: Top Five Concept Stores

In 1863 Aristide Boucicaut introduced the world to the concept of the department store with le Bon Marché and changed shopping forever. Nearly 125 years later, Colette Lerfel and her daughter Sarah […]

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Sightseeing in Paris: The Palais Royal

Last week I was taking visitors sightseeing in Paris when we stumbled upon the Palais Royal, an enclosed garden surrounded by shopping arcades, just across the street from the Louvre. This royal palace was once home to Cardinal Richelieu and then fell into the property of the Orléans family. Louis XIV grew up here, honing his sword-fighting skills in these very gardens. After the civil uprising of la Fronde, which seriously threatened the young king’s power and his life, Louis grew to hate the palace, which inspired his move to Versailles.

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Eight Not-to-Be-Missed Stores

A shopping trip to Paris—where to begin? For even the most ardent shopaholic, tackling the epicenter of la mode can evoke panic (where to begin!),…

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Salons: Not Just for Thé

Skip over the books on Paris this once and dive into some literature.

Smart is sexy. Especially in Europe and particularly in Paris. Sometimes there’s so much hype over the latest eye serum or hot new handbag that we almost forget what our most seductive organ is.

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