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Top Five Hipster Paris Restaurants

Hipsters have a big influence on making a place trendy in Paris, always looking for the authentic with a unique ambience that will make them feel at home. By word of mouth they discover before others the next […]

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Cafés in Paris: working away at a Paris café

Wi-Fi Cafés in Paris: Rive Gauche

Since their advent on the European continent during the 17th century, coffee shops have fueled ideas, philosophies and the exchange of information. It was, in fact, at the café de Foy on the rue de Richelieu that Camille Desmoulins galvanized his compatriots on the brink of revolution with the famous “Aux armes, citoyens!” While most cafés in Paris today have lost […]

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Paris cafés: food at Ten Belles

Paris Cafés: Ten Belles

It used to be that finding good coffee in Paris cafés was like hitting the jackpot: when you found one, you’d want to hug the stranger next to you and run into the street, shouting out for all within earshot that here, here was decent coffee to be found! You might even have come to lower your standards and accept the baffling phenomenon of bad coffee in Paris as a fait accompli. It’s as if Paris cafés are places to see and be seen, dawdle over your paper, catch up with your girlfriend—but you mustn’t pay attention to what’s actually in your cup.

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Historic Cafés in Paris

The Paris café is an institution. No trip to the City of Light would be complete without visiting at least one. Most cafés keep continuous…

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Kooka Boora Café

Kooka Boora is not your typical Paris café. It’s much, much better. That might sound like heresy, but any serious bean hound is bound to be baffled by the cloudy brown stuff that’s passed off as coffee in this town.

I spend perhaps a little too much time here. I go for a caffeine jolt (and the free, reliable Wi-Fi) but often end up having lunch.

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Bulgur salad at Coutume, a Paris café in the 7th Arrondissement


There are plenty of famous Paris cafés, but not many of them are actually known for their coffee. Inferior beans, dirty machines and sterilized milk are the standard.

But over the past several months, it has suddenly become easier to find a perfectly pulled espresso […]

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