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Masters of French Chocolate – Nicolas Cloiseau

La Maison du Chocolate sets a global standard for excellence in chocolate. Since 1977, when Robert Linxe opened…

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New Years Resolutions

I’ve done away with the process of creating the “perfect” list of New Year’s resolutions—the ones I could never keep for more than a day or those so broad there was no way to define them. Some of the […]

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Chocolate in Paris from the Master: La Manufacture de Chocolat Alain Ducasse

Entering La Manufacture de Chocolat Alain Ducasse is to enter a very special world indeed. At this bean-to-bar chocolate maker in central […]

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It’s the Perfect Time for Chocolate in Paris

As we enter the festive season, chocolatiers in Paris are preparing treats to warm up winter hearts and stomachs, to give as gifts and to treat yourself. In Jacques Genin’s kitchens the Muscadine chocolates I tasted […]

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Shops in Paris: Jenny Colgan with enthused fans

Shops in Paris: Jenny Colgan’s Book Launch at WH Smith

In my work as a chocolate specialist and writer for Girl’s Guide to Paris, I am on a permanent quest for the best chocolate shops in Paris. So when Jenny Colgan, a best-selling writer of witty and heartwarming novels, whose work I have read and loved for years, invited me to the launch of her latest novel, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris

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French chocolate: Patrick Roger in his development kitchen

Masters of French Chocolate: Patrick Roger

Patrick Roger is hard to miss in the world of French chocolate. He has six boutiques in Paris, all of which have serious curb appeal. I love the stainless steel and glossy eau-de-nil. It is a change from the […]

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French chocolate: the caramels by Jacques Genin

Masters of French Chocolate: Jacques Genin

French chocolate is justifiably celebrated, and Jacques Genin sits happily in its uppermost echelons. His chocolates are exceptionally good, with fine and even enrobing, and sensitive use of different couverture […]

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Masters of French Chocolate: Jean-Paul Hévin

In the smart environs of the 1st Arrondissement, nestled alongside the most elegant of Parisian boutiques, is the chic rue Saint-Honoré flagship of Jean-Paul Hévin. It is a shrine to fine French chocolate, and there […]

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Chocolate at A la Mère de Famille

Purely Paris: Vintage French Candies

Anyone interested by sweets in Paris has to check out A la Mère de Famille. Dominating a corner across from the Peletier metro, this incredible-looking boutique was born in 1761. But it is more than the oldest candy shop in town. A la Mère offers the riches of four separate disciplines: those of the chocolatier, pâtissier, confiseur (confectioner) and glacier (ice-cream maker). The boutique sells more than 1,200 products, with candies from every French era and region. In addition to the best marrons glacés in Paris, even the pickiest gastronomes rave about its ice creams.

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Le Salon du Chocolat Paris

Paris is a city crammed with chocolate shops. On any day of the week you can have your fill, but at the end of October each year things ramp up a notch, or 10, and Le Salon du Chocolat Paris comes to town.

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Elegant packaging at Un Dimanche à Paris for the finest chocolates.

Pierre Cluizel, Creativity and Chocolate at Un Dimanche à Paris

In a corner of the city bursting with character and charm is to be found a veritable world of fine chocolate. Pierre Cluizel, a man whose experience and knowledge of chocolate is deep and lifelong, has created his special destination for chocolate in Paris. This is somewhere to buy the finest filled bonbons and bars; eat and drink gourmet treats in the restaurant, bar or café; take your time over the unsurpassed velvety indulgence of the chocolat chaud; or attend one of the chocolate courses and learn more about this glorious foodstuff.

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Tutti Frutti at Café Pouchkine

Top 10 Pastry Shops in Paris

What are the best pastry shops in Paris? Ask most people—or read any Parisian guidebook—and you’ll hear some variation of the following list: Pierre Hermé, Ladurée, Stohrer, Gérard Mulot and Blé Sucré. When I first took an interest in Parisian pastry, and kept coming across those same names, it seemed odd. In a city renowned for its work in pastry, and jammed with countless world-class chefs of every stripe, there had to be more than five patisseries worth visiting.

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Paris Chocolate: An Original Treat at Fouquet

I thought I knew every decent Paris chocolate in existence. I’d spent an entire month testing the chocolatiers of the city and I had a guidebook specifically for Parisian chocoholics. But somehow I’d overlooked a very important member of the crowd: Fouquet.

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The Chocolate Show

February is certainly a time for chocolate, and we’ve tasted and reviewed some of the best for you, so you’ll be sure to buy the tastiest morsels for your loves this month.

Not long ago I found myself at the Chocolate Show in New York, which is also held in Paris and Cairo, curiously (it might take a pause on Cairo this year, eh?). I decided that the Chocolate Show was the perfect excuse to have a virtual tasting of sorts to compare French and American chocolate. Could American chocolate possibly hold up to the spectacular French chocolate I was partial to? I felt as if I would be biased, so I brought in two consorts, Karen and Kathryn (hard-core Francophiles and fellow bloggers), to help me out. Karen brought in an entire team of tasters and had a chocolate party.

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Winter in Paris

Hordes of tourists flock to Paris in the spring and fall. I certainly can’t fault them—it’s a beautiful time of year. Flat-topped plane and chestnut…

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