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Shrimp dumplings at Pacifique, a Chinese restaurant with an exhaustive menu in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris.

Le Pacifique

I hit Paris bistro saturation last weekend, and found myself in need of some new flavors and a new environment, so I ventured out to Belleville for a taste of their little Chinatown.

Chinese immigrants settled in the Belleville area in the 1920s, and you’ll see their influence up and down rue de Belleville, mixed in with African, Jewish, Greek and Armenian cultures.

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In China, “yam cha” is the morning gathering when families share dim sums over a cup of tea. In Paris, Yam’Tcha is an exquisite fusion restaurant opened by Adeline Grattard when she came back from Hong Kong in 2009.

Nestled on a quiet street near the bustling Les Halles, Grattard’s boutique restaurant […]

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When you're ready to ditch the foie gras, try the piquant handmade-noodle soup at Les Pâtes Vivantes in Paris

Les Pâtes Vivantes

“You saved our lives,” said a friend in New York, just back from a trip to Paris. “We got sick,” she continued, “and that noodle place was exactly what we needed.”

The noodle place in question? The 9th Arrondissement’s Les Pâtes Vivantes.

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L’Orient d’Or, a go-to Chinese restaurant in Paris, in the 9th Arrondissement

L’Orient d’Or

L’Orient d’Or has become my favorite Chinese restaurant in Paris, a go-to spot when my friends and I are looking for something delicious and fun that won’t break the bank.

Chinese cuisine is, of course, deeply regional, and the cooking at L’Orient d’Or is Hunanese, relying heavily on the use of chilies for seasoning. It’s not for the timid.

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