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Paris restaurants: exterior of le Coq Rico

Paris Restaurants: Le Coq Rico

Antoine Westermann’s Alsatian roots shine in all their glory at his new bistro-rotisserie, which gasconades the barnyard (or basse-cour) in a simple yet elegantly Parisian fashion. Bashfully located in the quaint […]

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Poulet à l’Ail (Roasted Garlic Chicken)

With the end of the long lazy days of summer comes la rentrée—the return to work and school—which means getting back into a normal rhythm of life.

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Chicken with Morels

There is no surer sign that spring has arrived than the appearance of morels on Paris menus.

On my last night in Paris before a trip to the States, I wanted the kind of meal that I […]

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Chicken with Fennel, Rice and Spring Mushrooms

Late spring is one of the best times of year to shop for fresh produce in the Paris markets. The abundance of fresh herbs and delicate mushrooms makes a lovely flavor palette perfect for warmer weather.

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Parisian Roast Chicken

Julie Neis is one of those charming people you meet when you spend a lot of time in Paris as an expat. She’s a tourism pro…

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