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French Recipes: Asparagus and Goat Cheese Frittata

Spring has been showing its sporadically sunny self in the City of Light, bringing with it a fresh crop of fruits and vegetables. Artichokes the size of my head are stacked on tables at the weekend marché, and next […]

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French wines: Domaine Huet 2010 Clos du Bourg

French Wines: Domaine Huet 2010 Clos du Bourg

Is it possible to be inspired for $30? This may sound like a snobbish question with regard to French wines, but, as with most of my purchases in adulthood, the quality I demand from certain items has increased as […]

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Goat cheese: Semiripened

The Best Goat Cheese for Your Recipes

So, somewhere on some trip to France, you fell in love with goat cheese in all its funky, nutty, tangy and luscious glory. Perhaps it arrived in oozy-melty disks on toasts perched atop a salad. Maybe a slightly bulging wedge of it rolled up to your table on a restaurant’s chariot de fromage. Or maybe you tasted its unmistakable richness and complexity in a recipe.

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2009 Domaine Mittnacht Frères Pinot Gris

Pinot gris is technically the French wine equivalent of pinot grigio, which is widely enjoyed as a cocktail wine among the book club set from Seattle to Saint-Tropez. For many social groups, entertaining […]

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