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When Louis Met Marc: Paris Fashion with an American Accent

In an upcoming exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris fashion meets New York know-how.

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A unique design by Charlotte Bialas

Charlotte Bialas’s Vintage Take on French Luxury

Ever wanted to own a vintage piece by a French luxury brand but couldn’t afford even 20-year-old Dior or Chanel? If you pay a visit to Charlotte Bialas, you’re halfway to your dream come true.

The Swedish-born designer prides herself on traveling the globe to acquire exquisite fabrics made specially for the world’s biggest fashion houses

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Zadig and Voltaire celebrates at the Grand Véfour

Zadig and Voltaire: French Fashion That’s Classy, Sexy and Cool

With his mop of unruly silver curls, sparkling blue eyes and laid-back attitude, Thierry Gillier, founder of the French fashion line Zadig and Voltaire, would probably be

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Left Bank Scooters will get you on a vespa and scootering through Paris

Great Scoot! Touring Paris at 30 Kilometers an Hour

Of course, the best way to take a tour of Paris is by walking. Only by foot can you really appreciate the pageantry of the display windows at Printemps; only by strolling can you slide coy glances at beaux brokers on their lunch hour. The problem with Paris, though, is that there’s just so much to see, and if you’re too short on time (or too high of heel), the most stylish solution is to hop on a Vespa.

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Small and Sweet and Good to Eat: Where to Find the Best Macarons in Paris

Belgium and Switzerland probably produce the best chocolate in the world, America is the undisputed home of the cupcake and Vienna could give France a run for its money in the patisserie stakes. But when it comes to macarons, there’s no doubt that Paris is the undisputed reine. But what started the passion for macarons in Paris?

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Natural beauty treatments are gaining popularity

French Beauty Products, Naturally

From topless beaches to organic produce, there’s no doubt that the French prefer most things au naturel, and cosmetics are no exception. Recent studies have revealed that many chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, such as parabens, PABA and isopropyl, may lead to various forms of cancer, further skin damage, hormonal disruptions and other serious health issues, so it’s no surprise that women around the world are purchasing French beauty products more than ever.

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Quirky Meets Classic: The Collaboration between French Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton and Artist François Cadière

Museums and art galleries have long understood that people want to own a

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The Softer Side of Hard-Core Photos in Paris

The hippest crowd in Paris gathered to see photos in Paris at the Thaddaeus Ropac Gallery on November 25. Actor Stephen Dorff was chatting to musician Thomas Mars; designer Charlotte Bialas sipped a drink next to the editor of i-D magazine. Rumors of Patti Smith showing up abounded. And of course Sofia Coppola was there, pretty and petite in a signature print blouse, to present the show she curated for the gallery, featuring Robert Mapplethorpe’s lesser-known black-and-white works.

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