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A French View from the Chateau

  Many of us dream of living in France but it usually remains just that, a dream.  For one New Zealander though, a change in…

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The Loire en Famille

Recently, we toured the Loire Valley. I enjoyed that many of the castles tailored their activities around welcoming families with children. This is a great way to engage the kids and teach them some history at the […]

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An interior room at Château Rigaud

Life at the French Château

Not long ago I met the proprietress of our local château. Actually there are several near my house in the Bordeaux region of France, more than several. Perhaps it’s because we are so close to the famous wine village of St.-Emilion that most are wine châteaux. Thankfully, there are several French châteaux in the region that owners made into hotels, bed-and-breakfasts or holiday vacation rentals. One such is Château Rigaud, from the 12th century, profiled before on these pages as a popular place to host a wedding.

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The Châteaux of Paris

Les châteaux de Paris? Sounds odd, because when we talk about the châteaux region of France, thoughts automatically travel to the Loire. But historically Paris was and still is the political, commercial and religious center of France.

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