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French Fashion: Chanel’s Not-So-Poor Art Student

While being surrounded by the international attendees of this past Autumn/ Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week, I was introduced to the upcoming season’s trend of fun, standout accessories. But the one thing that stood […]

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Tour of Paris: Lights, Camera, Paris!

Paris can’t help its cinematic nature. Just look at her—she’s gorgeous! Each picturesque corner, whether you are wandering the Latin Quarter or circling the Place Vendôme, begs the question: haven’t I seen this in […]

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Purely Paris: Autumn’s Little Black Jacket

Paris fashion has a serious love affair with the little black jacket. Here, it is regarded as much more than just another accessory. The jacket is always one of autumn’s wardrobe staples. Long after comfort-conscious Americans grab their winter gear (and Londoners their trench coats), local ladies are still happy to pair a tailored jacket with their jeans and scarves. They may move from pumps to boots, from smart shirts to woolly sweaters. But, until it really freezes, that scarf and jacket provide their major heating aids.

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A picture of Marily Monroe from Tilar Mazzeo's book on Chanel No. 5.

On Champagne, Chanel No. 5 and Paris Luxury

Author Tilar Mazzeo is a connoisseur of Paris luxury who has written best sellers about two of her favorites: champagne (The Widow Clicquot) and perfume (The Secret of Chanel No. 5). Currently, she is writing a wartime history of the Ritz to be called The Ritz at War: Luxury in Occupied Paris. She confesses that all her work results from an addiction to “the business of beautiful things.”

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The Arab World Institute, in Paris, is hosting a mobile art pavilion by Zaha Hadid

Paris Art in the Shape of Chanel

Born in Baghdad and based in London, Zaha Hadid is the rock star of architects. As flamboyant in her dress as in her buildings, she makes fluid, sculptural works famous for setting new standards. With her Mobile Art pavilion now open to the public, even Paris art snobs have to admit Hadid is hot. After all, a visit to this new gallery space is one-of-a-kind.

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A Marcel Marceau outfit sold at auction at one of the Paris auction houses

Alternative Shopping in Paris: Hit the Auctions!

I love shopping in Paris, and some of my favorite places to shop are the local auction houses. Attending a local auction is a unique, culturally rich experience where collectors and art lovers can still find a bargain.

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Classic day heels, a must-have in Paris for 2011

January Must-Haves, Parisian Style

Classic Day Heels
It’s no secret that les parisiennes are chic, but if you haven’t quite worked out how to pull off that certain je ne sais quoi, add a pair of good-quality heels to any outfit and you’re good to go. These classic heels—from one of my favorite French brands, Comptoir des Cotonniers—are a great choice and price.

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Morning, Nude and Night

Heading to Paris this spring? Take a peek at our Paris-worthy morning-to-night look. When you’re traveling, it helps to pick a palette as you pack, making mixing…

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The light and citrusy Parisienne, by Yves Saint Laurent.

Pretty Pink Perfumes from Paris

On my last trip to Paris, just a few weeks ago, I made my normal stop at duty free coming home from Charles de Gaulle. It seems that all the big houses are doing lovely pink-colored perfumes. I may perhaps be the last to catch on to this trend. These are most likely aimed at a young ingenue audience, but even in my mid-40s I decided to take a sniff.

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Channeling Parisian Couture

Didn’t receive your ticket to last week’s haute fashion shows in Paris from Uncle Karl? Perhaps you haven’t got the price of a car to spend on a dress, either. Never fear, our friends at Running in Heels have done the legwork for you, summing up the best of Paris couture and choosing the top department store finds inspired by the shows.

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