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French Beauty: Lotions and Potions

Visitors to Paris are often curious about the number of pharmacies they see throughout the city….

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Shopping in Paris: Top Five Beauty Products

Crème de la Mer sounds oh so French, but it’s not, and Estée Lauder wasn’t a Parisienne. A lot of the world’s cosmetic brands try to sound French for a very good reason: the French understand beauty like no one else […]

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Natural beauty treatments are gaining popularity

French Beauty Products, Naturally

From topless beaches to organic produce, there’s no doubt that the French prefer most things au naturel, and cosmetics are no exception. Recent studies have revealed that many chemicals commonly found in cosmetics, such as parabens, PABA and isopropyl, may lead to various forms of cancer, further skin damage, hormonal disruptions and other serious health issues, so it’s no surprise that women around the world are purchasing French beauty products more than ever.

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