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Le Comptoir Général, a bar in Paris

Coziest Paris Bars

As winter descends on Paris and the temperature falls with the rain (and even snow), it’s hard to motivate oneself to get out of the house or hotel. And once you’ve been outside, wandering the chilly streets beneath an umbrella, there’s nothing that sounds better than a nice cocktail, a fireplace and a plush couch. For these wintry days, there are cozy Paris bars for every kind of Paris girl.

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Restaurants in Paris Adding New Mexican Flavor

Young Parisians and the cuisine curious are joining taco-deprived expats in exploring a new wave of Mexican cooking in Paris restaurants.

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The Best Paris Restaurants of 2011

I’ve been to an awful lot of Paris restaurants this year, some new, others just new to me. Here are a few of my favorites.

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Some Recent Finds

Recently I found a few places in Paris that I just had to share. Here are my new fall “finds” in no particular order.

Aesop is a shop on the rue St.-Honoré in the 1st Arrondissement, selling beauty products that make sense for the 21st century. The packaging is basic yet beautiful, and the staff is extremely helpful. Aesop uses lavender, mint and rose oils and other plant-based ingredients, which are completely pure. The face oil is sublime, as is the toner with vitamin B that I bought. While this firm is from New Zealand, and you can find its stores across the world, the products are so superior it’s worth a stop. There are two other locations in Paris (see the website link below).

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Open just a few weeks, the new taqueria Candelaria has been an instant hit.

Located in the upper Marais, this Mexican restaurant has a bright white room, with one big table for six or so. The rest is counter seating or standing, elbow to elbow unless you go at off-hours.

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