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An oyster stall

Broiled Oysters with Sabayon Glaze

It wouldn’t be the holidays in Paris without oysters. When the temperatures start to drop, oyster stands start popping up all over the city, in front of brasseries, wine bars and grocery stores. It’s easy to pick up a dozen fresh French oysters, crack them open and simply enjoy their briny nuances with a glass of white wine, but the holidays call for something a little more special, I think. Something champagne worthy.

Enter the sabayon. This classic French sauce, similar to Italian zabaglione, is most often seen as a sweet concoction, but its frothy opulence works just as well in savory applications. Here, it’s used to glaze the oysters, protecting them from overcooking under the heat of the broiler, and adding an ethereal counterpoint to the meaty morsel underneath. Minced shallots and cracked black pepper add depth […]

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