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Le Bal Café

If France and England have a tense history, you wouldn’t know it after eating at Le Bal Café, a new spot where lines of Parisians seem more than happy to scarf down scones, kippers and kedgeree.

Hidden at a tiny impasse near place de Clichy, Le Bal is an exhibition space housed in a former bordello and ballroom (thus le bal). The café has been open since September. Whether you come for the art and stay for the food or vice versa doesn’t matter: there’s no shame in either.

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Bread & Roses

If it’s true that we eat with the eyes, then the sight of the organic breads, oversize pastries, golden quiches and colorful salads on display at Bread & Roses will leave anyone sated.

This bakery slash tea salon slash épicerie on the rue de Fleurus has been serving its well-heeled neighbors near the Luxembourg Gardens since 2003. Lucky them.

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