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Paris Restaurants: La Rotonde

Midnight in Paris was a romantic film that made me nostalgic for Paris even as I sat there in the theater at Odéon. I was longing for the Paris of my dreams, the Paris of salons, where artists and literary greats rubbed […]

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Brasseries in Paris: Brasserie Gallopin

No one could accuse the French food scene of being boring or resistant to change—it seems a new experimental-gastronomy hot spot opens every other week—but there is something to be said for traditionalism. After all, French food is world-renowned for a reason. On an accidental trip to Brasserie Gallopin I rediscovered the culinary beauty of French classics, via one of the better brasseries in Paris.

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The new Cantine du Troquet Dupleix, from Paris bistro wonderman Christian Etchebest

La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix

A good dining experience at a Paris brasserie means many things. Sometimes it’s simply breaking bread with a good friend and sharing some laughs. Sometimes an enjoyable dinner can be attributed to the people and energy there. And, of course, sometimes a good meal is a straight-up good meal with excellent food and service.

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Café Charbon

I’ve had a lot of visitors in Paris lately, and my last one stumped me when it came time to pick a restaurant. She said she’s not into food and just wanted a nice atmosphere. I think life is too short to ever eat bad food, especially in Paris. So I needed to find a fun, middle-of-the-road Paris brasserie whose menu would be approachable but also palatable pour moi!

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Bouillon Chartier

Chartier is more than a Paris brasserie; it’s a piece of the city’s history. When Chartier opened in 1896, the idea was to offer local workers a decent, affordable meal. And in more than a century, not much has changed. Today you can get your daily soup for 1 euro, along with French classics such as choucroute or lentils with pork for less than 10 euros.

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Take a break from traditional fondue and feast on the raclette fondues of the Alps. Visit the Paris restaurant Les Fondus de la Raclette, with locations all over Paris.

Restaurants in Paris: The Basics

I get lots of requests for Paris restaurant recommendations. Visitors will tell me that they want to try something authentic, but they don’t like heavy sauces, or their travel companion is a picky eater, or they are simply intimidated by French cuisine. Relax, I always say. The most traditional of Parisian dishes is steak frites, quickly followed by poulet roti (roast chicken).

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Parisian Roast Chicken

Julie Neis is one of those charming people you meet when you spend a lot of time in Paris as an expat. She’s a tourism pro…

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At Le Mini Palais in Paris, consulting chef Eric Frechon has designed a menu where coconut, tandoori, pan con tomate, tempura, curry, lemongrass, chips (as in “fish and”) and burrata are all part of the lexicon.

Le Mini Palais

There is nothing small about Le Mini Palais, the newly reopened restaurant at the Grand Palais. The vast, high-ceilinged room feels like an artist’s studio or perhaps a storage wing in a very chic museum, with shelves of busts and urns on one wall, canvases hanging on another and […]

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