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5 Under-the-Radar Things to do in Bordeaux

by Ira Szmuk Plenty of articles have been written about Bordeaux and its charms. However, this city is so much more than wine and beautiful…

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The Beautiful Villages of Southwestern France, A Girls’ Only Tour

One of my most favorite St. Emilion Wine Chateaux I’ve been to nearly every region of France and each has its own secrets to discover….its…

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12 Reasons why Bordeaux is the Best City in France

HOLD ON wait a minute you say…have you forgotten Paris??? So to be fair, its absolutely true, nothing can match Paris. Its fame, iconic monuments and…

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The Best French Tours

So you’ve decided to come to Paris but want to see another part of France, too. People often ask me where to go. No harder question could be[…]

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French wines: Château le Coteau 2008

French Wines: Château le Coteau 2008

My love affair with French wines began with Bordeaux. Having swallowed enough boxed pink plonk in college, I eventually graduated to supermarket screw-cap wines. When I began my Wall Street career […]

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Top Five Things to Do in Bordeaux

Most people I know, myself included, like info in small, digestible bites, because we are all overwhelmed with information these days. This is why we’ve started running a top five list every Tuesday on the […]

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White wines from Bordeaux

French Wine Tasting

France is home to many award-winning wine regions, and luckily Paris has many places to drink wine as well as learn about it. Paris wine bars are a must on any itinerary to the City of Light, but if you want to do more than just sip unknown names, take a class to enhance your knowledge. The subject of wine is one that I don’t think you can ever fully master since there’s so much to know, but I will say that all classes are not created equal.

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Bordeaux: the stunning town of Saint-Émilion

Tasting the Vendange in Bordeaux

As much as I love my house in the Bordeaux region in the summer, I think September and October are the finest months in southwestern France. Pourquoi? Well, it’s the grape harvest, or vendange, of course.

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Château le Puy 2005

The American poet Robert Frost famously described taking the road less traveled as having made all the difference. Among today’s makers of French wines, Frost’s hero may be best embodied by […]

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Happy Second Birthday to GG2P!

By lord, it’s our second birthday! On September 19, 2009, the Girls’ Guide to Paris website was launched, and somehow two full years have flown by. We’ve all had such fun hunting down wonderful spots for you all, from chocolatiers to spas to shoe shops and so much more. A bevy of beautiful lady writers have combed the streets of Paris to bring you the best of the best, and they continue to do so every single day. I have to thank them all for their hard work and dedication to the task. I also am eternally grateful to our IT folks at Look-It Design and our incredible copy editors, Lamar and Sandra, without whom you’d see 100 typos in every piece. And there are so many more—talented photographers, great tour and travel partners . . . I could go on.

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The Very Best of the Aquitaine, France

The Aquitaine can be found in France’s south-westerly corner, nuzzling up to the Spanish border in the south and the Atlantic Ocean…

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Michelin Star Cordeillan Bages

Lucky for me, my friend Tristaine who worked with me back in 2011 is now the head of marketing and PR for….

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Though irrefutably Bordelais, the little cakes known as cannelés have conflicting origin stories. One attributes their development to a group of nuns. A more sentimental spin credits resourceful Bordeaux residents, who scooped up flour spilled from sacks […]

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