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Shops in Paris: Jenny Colgan with enthused fans

Shops in Paris: Jenny Colgan’s Book Launch at WH Smith

In my work as a chocolate specialist and writer for Girl’s Guide to Paris, I am on a permanent quest for the best chocolate shops in Paris. So when Jenny Colgan, a best-selling writer of witty and heartwarming novels, whose work I have read and loved for years, invited me to the launch of her latest novel, The Loveliest Chocolate Shop in Paris

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A Certain Smile: romance in 1950s Paris

The gg2p Book of the Month

I started reading Françoise Sagan’s novels, in translation, when I was a teenager and thought the smell of Gitane cigarettes was sexy.

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French lessons: a mirror to oneself

French Lessons: L’Amour-Propre/Self-Esteem

French Lessons is the story of an American woman’s transformation while visiting Paris, when she is befriended by a wise, witty and chic French godmother.

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Paris Travel via the Best Books about France: A Roundup of 2012–13

Ever since the author Peter Mayle came on the scene, the year 2012, like years past, saw numerous releases of books about Paris

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Chula, the world-traveling sheltie who visits Paris in Sheron Long's book Dog Trots Globe—From Paris to Provence

Dog’s Day Out in Paris

Chula Wula D’Augue has her fair share of savoir faire. A sheltie by birth and a Frenchie by choice, she flew 11 hours from Carmel Valley, California (between a rottweiler and a standard poodle), to land in the City of Light. She arrived ready for adventure. We know—we were there at Charles de Gaulle to open her cage and see her twirl around. Soon we were all settled into an atmospheric apartment rental in the Marais.

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The Ultimate Coming-to-Paris Book: An Interview with Author Stephen Clarke

Meet Paul West, the hero among heroes in books about Paris. At first a naive foreigner who lands in Paris with imperfect French and British ideals, gets cut while waiting in line, is snapped at by Parisian waitstaff and is ensnared by dog merde on the street, he eventually discovers how to fit in with—and occasionally one-up—his French neighbors.

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Leslie Caron: A French Legend Shares Her Life

St. Germain-des-Prés is as famous for bookshops as for literary giants, names like Miller and Hemingway, de Beauvoir and Boris Vian. Last month the movie…

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Books about Paris: The Insider’s Choice

For more than a decade, Anglophone publishers have swamped their public with books about Paris. Recent offerings range from glowing memoirs to hefty how-to manuals, but almost all have one thing in common: their authors are not French.

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Girl Talk with Mireille Guiliano

Mireille Guiliano’s life has been devoted to representing both French women and French luxury. Marriage to a US CEO (of the New York Institute of Technology) brought her from Paris to New York. There she helped found Clicquot, Inc., the US importer of Veuve Clicquot champagne; she also became a senior executive at luxury conglomerate LVMH. Her work life has always combined high pressure and continuous travel.

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My Little Paris

Best New Books about Paris

Paris to the Past, by Ina Caro

This is a clever book by historian Ina Caro that describes trips you can take via metro (as well as the RER and TGV) to the past. Like many well-written travel books about Paris, you can use this one as armchair travel through the city and environs or as an actual guidebook. Either way, Paris to the Past takes you deeper into the lives of Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV, which are presented in a totally fresh manner.

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Salons: Not Just for Thé

Skip over the books on Paris this once and dive into some literature.

Smart is sexy. Especially in Europe and particularly in Paris. Sometimes there’s so much hype over the latest eye serum or hot new handbag that we almost forget what our most seductive organ is.

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Top Anglophone Bookstores in Paris

However comfortable you are speaking and reading French, there may be times when you long for a quiet read in English. Fret not. Since Edith…

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Eat French—Stay Slim!

That’s what Mireille Guiliano counsels, and I’m beginning to believe it. You remember Mireille: she’s the former CEO of Veuve Clicquot (dream job) and the author of the New York Times best seller French Women Don’t Get Fat.

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Girl Talk with Elizabeth Bard

A few months ago all I was hearing was Lunch in Paris, Lunch in Paris—it seemed everyone who was anyone was reading Lunch in Paris: A Love Story, with Recipes, by Elizabeth Bard. As usual I was a bit behind on my reading, but I launched into it finally (and appropriately) on my most recent trip to France, several weeks ago.

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Paris books, Paris blogs

Books about Paris by Les Experts

Many books and blogs about Paris struggle to define what makes the locals so… Parisian. After all, people have pondered that for centuries. Not to mention the last decade of how-to volumes telling la wanna-be what to eat, wear and drink.

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