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Paris Restaurants: Le Tournesol

I receive a lot of e-mail from people asking me where the French go to eat, and I have had a hard time giving anyone the […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tourette

Tucked on a tiny bit of the rue de Grenelle in the 7th Arrondissement, there was a tiny restaurant facade, “Le Tourette” written across the window, some of the letters in white, others missing, a faint trace leaving a […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Garde Temps

There has been a lot of chatter in Paris and New York about the neighborhood just south of Pigalle. The words ruin and hipsters were thrown about. People were insulted, lengthy articles were […]

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Paris Restaurants: Au Coin Pasteur

There is a movement afoot on the Parisian dining scene, changing the balance of Paris restaurants. After a decade of trendy restaurants featuring popular young chefs, fussy ingredients and monthlong […]

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Paris Restaurants: Camille

For the past several years, Paris has been getting hipper. Or rather hipster-ier. It is not uncommon to spot bearded young French men, coffee-to-go in hand, wearing plaid as they step up to a counter and order un taco […]

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Top Five Historic Bistros in Paris

The title of this post can be the subject of much debate, so suffice it to say that these are my own personal favorite historic bistros in Paris, and I welcome your additions. Read on and then post your likes […]

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Paris bistros: l'Eléphant du Nil

Paris Bistros: Manger à la Bonne Franquette

While Paris enjoys a reputation as the culinary capital of the world, finding a value meal in this city can be a real brain twister. If there’s one thing I’ve learned after eating my way through the Parisian restaurant […]

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If you’re craving steak with all the French trimmings served in a bustling bistro atmosphere, the 11th Arrondissement Paris restaurant Chez Paul delivers on all accounts

Paris Restaurants: Chez Paul

The weather has long since turned in Paris, and the cool, crisp air is now the norm. Instead of fighting winter’s fury, I’m trying to embrace it, and there’s no better way to warm up than to take my pick of Paris restaurants and wedge into a crowded bistro for some homestyle French specialties.

Walking into Chez Paul on a recent Saturday night, I was greeted with the exact bistro experience I was craving.

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Finding the Finest Natural French Wine in Paris

If you’re a fan of French wine and haven’t enjoyed a bottle of vin naturel yet, now is the time to discover the exhilarating by-product of biodynamic vines and an organic approach to wine making. A good place to start your search for natural French wine is at any one of a number of Paris restaurants, caves or bars à vin that sell low-sulfite, high-flavor varieties.

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Carre de cochon ibérique, an exquisite pork dish at Pierre Jancou's 10th Arrondissement Paris bistro Vivant Table

Vivant Table

It was with some trepidation that I ventured into Vivant Table to try Pierre Jancou’s recently updated Paris bistro. Vivant opened in April of 2011 to mostly rave reviews, but Girls’ Guide founder Doni Belau had a less-than-perfect experience when she dined there, with beyond poor service and inedible items on the plate. So I was curious to see where things would fall for me.

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Les Saisons is a cozy neighborhood bistro in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris serving thoughtfully prepared dishes at a wallet-friendly price

Les Saisons

The 9th Arrondissement is becoming quite the food mecca, with dozens of new Paris restaurants continuing to open each year. Les Affranchis, L’Office and Le Pantruche are all newbies, just to name a few. All have opened to much acclaim, and now it’s time to add Les Saisons to the growing number of new bistros in the area.

Tucked away on a small street off rue de Maubeuge […]

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Bistrot Paul Bert, a classic Paris bistro in the 11th Arrondissement, is an address for all-parts eating and big appetites

Le Bistrot Paul Bert

I first visited Bistrot Paul Bert almost five years ago, and I’m delighted to report that little has changed since then—or even since the Girls’ Guide ran its first ode to this resto two years ago. (Guilty as charged! Just one visit is not enough.) Still packed, and as brash and belly-busting as ever, Paul Bert is one of my favorite Paris bistros. Facing several weeks away, I wanted to go for a last supper of sorts.

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Poached egg with sautéed mushrooms and bacon at the Alsatian Paris bistro Schmidt—L'Os à Moelle, in the 15th Arrondissement

Schmidt—L’Os à Moelle

When I received an invitation to dine at a Paris restaurant with an Alsatian bent, my stomach turned over as I flashed back to my pork-laden romp through the Christmas markets in Strasbourg and Colmar a few months ago. I had barely finished digesting the pork knuckle and cheese-covered potatoes from December, but I was told Schmidt—L’Os a Moelle would be a different culinary experience.

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Lentil soup at Le Galopin, a 10th Arrondissement Paris bistro helmed by 2010 Top Chef France winner Romain Tischenko

Le Galopin

I had a foodie friend visiting me recently, and I wanted to take her to a Paris bistro off the beaten path. Luckily there are many rising young chefs who are taking the rue less traveled and opening restaurants in some of the outer arrondissements. Not only is the rent cheaper, but the crowds can be more eclectic and open to straying from the more traditional beef bourguignon–type French fare. Le Galopin fit the bill on all accounts. The winner of French Top Chef in 2010, Romain Tischenko, is at the helm, making inventive cuisine in the 10th.

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Bone-in lamb with wilted spinach and baby potatoes at Le Baratin, a homestyle Paris bistro in the 20th Arrondissement of Paris

Le Baratin

On a recent Friday it was a rainy day in Paris for what seemed like the hundredth time. I was debating whether it was even worth it to venture outside in the wet mess when I got a call from a friend who asked me to join her at the cozy Paris bistro Le Baratin for some good French home cooking. It sounded like the perfect cure for my rain-dampened blues.

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