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French Culture: Vive la Belle Epoque

The Belle Epoque! It’s an era that makes Parisians dream, the moment their city became a global star. From the Eiffel Tower to haute couture […]

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Rolla, Henri Gervex, "L'impressionisme et la mode/Fashion and Impressionism," Musée d'Orsay

Parisian Women: Visit a Belle Epoque Beauty

By 1900, Europe’s female celebrities were les cocottes, Paris-based courtesans whose taste dictated fashion. Figures such as Mata Hari, la Belle Otéro and Cléo de Mérode were seen as ultimate Parisian women. But the work of these grandes horizontales was hardly all horizontal. They served as the trophy companions of powerful men, but also as hostesses and artistic muses. No place were these great beauties seen more frequently than at Maxim’s. The historic restaurant, once their showplace, celebrates the women’s rich lifestyle in its museum.

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La Maison du Roy in Paris

Girlin’ Out: Ultrafeminine Paris Boutiques

Paris is known the world over for being the place to get the best of everything. When browsing Paris boutiques, I am often struck by how specific they are—here is a store selling only harps, there is a shop for artisan walking canes. Resisting the Walmartization of the modern world, many specialized Paris boutiques also focus on the lovely pleasures of old, continuing today the elegant traditions of yesteryear with charm and style. Two of my favorite stops for such pleasures—and for appreciating a truly feminine experience—are Belle de Jour and La Maison du Roy.

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