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French Beauty: Lotions and Potions

Visitors to Paris are often curious about the number of pharmacies they see throughout the city….

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Top Five Places to Stay Warm during Winter in Paris

Shopping in Paris despite the winter chill? Why not take a tiki time-out and head to Dirty Dick. Get off the streets and take a break to order one of the bar’s famous fruity cocktails. If you’re with a group be sure […]

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Shopping in Paris: Top Five Beauty Products

Crème de la Mer sounds oh so French, but it’s not, and Estée Lauder wasn’t a Parisienne. A lot of the world’s cosmetic brands try to sound French for a very good reason: the French understand beauty like no one else […]

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Paris Beauty: A Mother-Daughter Makeover in Paris

Since moving to Paris, I’ve gotten older, and my sweet, cuddly five-year-old is now a mature teen. It’s funny how that happens. With the passage of time, my skin has changed, and my daughter has gone from playing dress-up to wearing makeup. This fall I realized we both could use a professional makeover to learn some Paris beauty tips that would help us deal with our perfectly aged selves. It was settled, and we both agreed that a makeover in Paris was in order.

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Paris Fashion: Seen on the Streets of Paris

I’ve always been fascinated by Parisian beauty. I’ve used the cult cleanser Bioderma Créaline H20 since I was 15 years old and tried to replicate ’60s Paris fashion icons whenever going to a party. And to my […]

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Nail design using Butter London at Veda Spring 2013

Boho Beauty for Fall/Winter 2012–13

The Couture Collections in Paris and the recent Spring 2013 Collections in New York have proven one thing: the boho beauty is here to stay.

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By Terry makeup

Paris Beauty: How to Do Your Makeup Like a True Parisienne

Although I’ve been through a lot of makeup phases, I’m currently a mascara-and-lip-gloss kind of lady. As I grow older, I’m wearing less and less makeup

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Perfect Paris Itineraries

There are so many ways to experience Paris! For your next trip to the City of Light, here are some creative Paris itineraries that showcase a few…

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Personal Beauty Day in Paris

About every six weeks, I need a serious beauty day in Paris. By “need” I mean not that I am worn out from the exhausting lifestyle of a mom, femme and writer, but rather that certain aspects of my body (gray hairs) have begun to grow wild and require taming. When one of my discreet teen girls shouts in public, “Mom, you’ve got a gray hair!” I know it is time for a beauty day in Paris. And I have a routine.

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The lounge at the Echappée spa.

Paris Spas: The Perfect Getaway

L’Echappée is a Paris spa tucked away in an unassuming residential building, but it provides an experience that’s anything but ordinary. The overall atmosphere is quiet and relaxed, like all spas should be, with natural stone and tile covering most of the interior. My friend and I were greeted at the front door by friendly staff, who welcomed us and showed us to the locker room. While the ladies’ locker room is in need of a minor facelift, that was only a small glitch in the otherwise tranquil experience.

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