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Paris Dining: Top Three Baguettes

What can be more iconic of Paris than the baguette? From a buttered slice at breakfast to a sandwich jambon beurre and the ubiquitous bread basket found on practically every dining table, Paris dining seems […]

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Paris Comes to New York

Apparently the whole of New York respects and pays homage to Paris the way we Francophiles do, or they are doing a great job of pretending. While amazing French restos this side of the pond aren’t a new thing—Balthazar, Le Bernardin and Benoit come to mind—the macaron craze has hit New York hard. Ladurée, Financier and Bisous Ciao are some of the suggestions Amy Thomas gives in her darling book Paris My Sweet. But the passion for Paris in New York doesn’t stop there. Real French bread is coming to town! Shall we all say a prayer? I’ve been waiting for a decent baguette in NYC for 20-plus years. Finally someone listened.

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