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Top Ten Reasons to go to Provence

1 Everyone you know has been there, and its getting embarrassing Yes….it really is that nice. Some famous places and things just don’t live up…

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Audrey Hepburn in Paris

I always picture Audrey Hepburn in Paris. Even though she never lived there. Even though her first breakout movie was….

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Paris Museums at Night

There’s something magical and mysterious about museums late at night, the privileged access to the usually forbidden….

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Packing for Paris: Eight Essentials

Packing for any trip can be frustrating and daunting. But when you’re heading to the fashion capital of the world….

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Chula, the world-traveling sheltie who visits Paris in Sheron Long's book Dog Trots Globe—From Paris to Provence

Dog’s Day Out in Paris

Chula Wula D’Augue has her fair share of savoir faire. A sheltie by birth and a Frenchie by choice, she flew 11 hours from Carmel Valley, California (between a rottweiler and a standard poodle), to land in the City of Light. She arrived ready for adventure. We know—we were there at Charles de Gaulle to open her cage and see her twirl around. Soon we were all settled into an atmospheric apartment rental in the Marais.

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Paris apps for tour tips, shopping tips, and foodie finds. Get the new Girls' Guide to Paris app!

The Best Paris Apps

Smartphones have changed the way we travel. GPS has replaced maps for tourists visiting Paris. I’m nostalgic for the old days, but I have to say, I love my Paris apps. They make my life easier and enrich my adventures. Here are the Paris apps I download for my guests before they head out the door.

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A Marcel Marceau outfit sold at auction at one of the Paris auction houses

Alternative Shopping in Paris: Hit the Auctions!

I love shopping in Paris, and some of my favorite places to shop are the local auction houses. Attending a local auction is a unique, culturally rich experience where collectors and art lovers can still find a bargain.

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The show "Romantic Paris Gardens" is on view at La Musée de la Vie Romantique through July 17, 2011

The Romantic Gardens of Paris

Any visit to Paris should include the city’s romantic gardens, which are the hosts of public art fairs, Fashion Week and flower shows. But who created the visions at Versailles, the Tuileries and the Luxembourg Gardens? The names of their male designers may be legendary. But now a special exhibit on romantic Paris gardens, at La Musée de la Vie Romantique through July 17, 2011, highlights the role powerful women played in making them.

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Romantic Paris: The I Love You Wall in the Montmartre neighborhood of Paris. The wall is composed of 612 tiles with the words “I love you” written 311 times in 250 different languages.

I Love You, Je T’Aime, Te Quiero

Valentine’s Day may be long gone, but couples are still flocking to Paris in search of that perfect sun-kissed minibreak for two. And now that the weather is glorious enough for wandering about freely outside, lovers in Paris can truly rejoice.

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The new Philippe Starck–designed Photomatons allow you to take snapshots in a range of styles, from Warhol-inspired Pop to Surrealism

Paris Photos Fit for Amélie: Play the Leading Role Yourself

Want to play Amélie Poulain? Now you can do it with real style. This summer’s most surprising fetish object is the photo booth—but it’s undergone what Parisians like to call a “re-looking.”

There is no need to fear harsh light or dingy curtains in these Paris photos. Photomaton, the largest supplier of booths in France, asked designer Philippe Starck to totally redesign their baby.

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Salons: Not Just for Thé

Skip over the books on Paris this once and dive into some literature.

Smart is sexy. Especially in Europe and particularly in Paris. Sometimes there’s so much hype over the latest eye serum or hot new handbag that we almost forget what our most seductive organ is.

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La Comédie-Française, in the 1st Arrondissement, is the place to see theatre in Paris

Theatre in Paris: La Comédie Française

Like most locals in any great city, I have an entire list of things in Paris that I’d love to see or do that I’ve just never gotten around to seeing or doing. The Garnier opera house, for example. I love Chagall, who painted a famous fresco on the ceiling, and I’m in the area regularly, so I should have visited decades ago. But I haven’t. Another temptation has been La Comédie Française, one of the best venues for theatre in Paris.

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Paris books, Paris blogs

Books about Paris by Les Experts

Many books and blogs about Paris struggle to define what makes the locals so… Parisian. After all, people have pondered that for centuries. Not to mention the last decade of how-to volumes telling la wanna-be what to eat, wear and drink.

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Paris author Linda Dannenberg, progenitor of Provence style

Lunch with Linda

The other day I was lucky enough to have breakfast with Linda Dannenberg. We had so much fun, I think we stayed until lunch. Linda is the author/coauthor of 14 books on French style and cooking, and she happens to live practically right next door to me in New York!

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Portrait of Louis Vuitton (1821–92)

Louis Vuitton’s Luxury Odyssey: Time Travel à la Mode

No matter how seductive those airline or cruise ship ads, travel today is often more trying than glamorous. Hence the special appeal of Travel Capital: Louis Vuitton & Paris, on view at the Musée Carnavalet through February 27, 2011. This multimedia exhibition takes visitors back to moments which, since the mid-19th century, made Paris that city we know. You might think it’s all just stacks of beautiful baggage. Au contraire! Stuffed with fashion, history and savoir faire, the show leaves not one drawer of its famous trunks unopened.

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