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An apartment from A la Carte Paris

The Paris Apartment Rental Scene: A la Carte Paris

What do you look for in a Paris apartment rental? A lot of our readers have become savvy and are renting apartments rather than hotels for their stays in Paris. Let’s face it: it’s cheaper and much, much roomier. But there are a myriad of companies, so how do you find a good one, one that is reputable and has wonderful places available but won’t charge you through the nose?

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The terrace of an apartment rental in Montmartre

Renting an Apartment in Paris: 10 Dos and Don’ts

Renting an apartment in Paris, particularly if you are going for a week or more, is always a good choice. You’ll enjoy more space than a hotel room, and you’ll save money. A lot of the apartments for rent are truly gorgeous, but there are always some things to watch out for, and it pays to ask a lot of questions and do your research.

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The Best Vacation Rentals in Paris

It seemed only natural, after 6 years in business to bring you our own handpicked Girls’ Guide to Paris vacation rentals in Paris. Why?…

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