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Top Ten Reasons to go to Provence

1 Everyone you know has been there, and its getting embarrassing Yes….it really is that nice. Some famous places and things just don’t live up…

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Guide to Paris: beautiful antiques at the brocantes

Guide to Paris Treasure Hunting

One of the charms of browsing the secondhand dealers in Paris is the thrill of the unexpected. Landing eyes on an item that evokes pleasant memories, or that taunts with promises of fitting a spot or filling a need perfectly, clutches the shopper’s heart—and wallet. As someone who has written a guide to Paris markets, I’ve learned that antiques, brocante and vintage are an important part of the Paris shopping experience.

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Fabulous finds by the Antiques Diva

Paris Shopping Tours: The Antiques Diva

Toma Clark Haines grew up in a small town in Oklahoma but always dreamed of living overseas. From an early age she demanded to go to Europe. When she was five years old, she told her mother, “You will take me to Venice or else!” It was something that was in her soul, and in the year 2000 she and her husband moved to Paris. For the last five years she has been operating a unique business of Paris shopping tours that are a must on anyone’s itinerary for the City of Light, and it has grown beyond her wildest dreams, with tours in other parts of France, as well as in Belgium, Holland, England and Italy.

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Caféware at the Village Saint-Paul

Paris Shopping: The Village Saint-Paul

A few months ago we were out and about shopping in Paris when Mr. French realized that he was about to miss France’s last game in the annual Six Nation’s rugby tournament. We needed a pub, and quickly. The Auld Alliance, a Scottish pub and rugby bar, was mercifully close, but as we arrived, there were crowds and crowds of drunken adults wearing absurdly large green-framed glasses and even sillier green-furred party hats. How could we have forgotten? It was St. Patty’s Day!

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La Maison du Roy in Paris

Girlin’ Out: Ultrafeminine Paris Boutiques

Paris is known the world over for being the place to get the best of everything. When browsing Paris boutiques, I am often struck by how specific they are—here is a store selling only harps, there is a shop for artisan walking canes. Resisting the Walmartization of the modern world, many specialized Paris boutiques also focus on the lovely pleasures of old, continuing today the elegant traditions of yesteryear with charm and style. Two of my favorite stops for such pleasures—and for appreciating a truly feminine experience—are Belle de Jour and La Maison du Roy.

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A few of the antiques at the brocantes and vide-greniers of Paris

Junk in the Trunk: A Guide to Paris Antiques, Brocantes and Vide-Greniers

So you’ve come to Paris, land of refinement and taste, of history and style, and you want to bring back a piece of that ephemeral old beauty with you. But in your search for souvenirs, the gap is wide between the cheap, dime-a-dozen Eiffel Tower replicas hawked by sellers on the street and the expensive wares of specialty boutiques. Wine is always great but seems so obvious, and it’s difficult to get home (and then there’s always the possibility that you’ll drink it before you get there). If you’re looking for a truly unique souvenir for yourself or loved ones back home, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you don’t have to buy an ill-fitting “J’aime Paris” T-shirt. Parisians treasure heritage and objects built to last (and last beautifully), and the city boasts a wide and stunning variety of oddities and worldly gems. The Paris antiques at vide-greniers and brocantes are some of the best souvenirs that I and my (chicly) slim wallet have found during our travels.

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Why French Women Love London

The French adore London. More than 400,000 French nationals reside there full-time, enjoying their own embassy (with its huge cultural complex, maternelle, lycée, French-language school, etc.), their own […]

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Contemporary design at KRD

The Rue de Bourgogne

My BFF in Paris lives on the rue de Bourgogne, in the 7th Arrondissement, and she is in LOVE with her street. After a brief stroll, following her daily routine, it is easy to see why. The street begins at the Assemblée Nationale and shoots straight down three blocks, to the Hôtel Biron, home of the Musée Rodin and its enchanting gardens.

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