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Dining in Paris: Kei

By luck of the draw – I had already planned to have lunch at Kei Kobayashi’s before the Japanese maestro won his first Michelin…

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Eating in Paris: Florence Kahn

Heyyyyyyyy, I would like some Borscht, Zakouski, Shmaltzherring, Lokshen, Krepl’e, Gefilte fish…

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Paris Cafés; Le Cafe Français

I am not really a huge fan of the Costes restaurants especially their original homebase, L’Hotel Costes…

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Paris Restaurants: Jérémie

I remember him when we were kids and we found each other on the same train platform heading to summer camp. Now that time has passed and we’re older – I heard…

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Vegan Paris: Sol Semilla

After having had the whole « boho Parisian » trend and the overplayed mojitos shoved down our throats, it’s nice…

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