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Top Spots for Paris Nightlife, Part I

Located in the ever-so-scandalous Pigalle, Carmen is a club notorious for an interior that looks like an abandoned 20th-century mansion.

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Top Spots for Paris Nightlife, Part II

Located beside the beautiful river Seine, this indoor-outdoor space serves as a multipurpose venue that is open during […]

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Paris Fashion: It’s Raining Men

It seemed as though the men had taken over the street-style spotlight during the most recent Paris Fashion Week. While standing outside a […]

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French Fashion: Mad as a Hatter

This spring’s hat trend has evolved greatly from the traditional winter beanie. Hats have dominated as the new favorite […]

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French Fashion: The Bold and the Beautiful

The best thing about the arrival of beautiful spring weather is the shedding of the many layers of dark winter clothing that comes with it. Although fashion trends are constantly changing, with new fads introduced […]

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French Fashion: Chanel’s Not-So-Poor Art Student

While being surrounded by the international attendees of this past Autumn/ Winter 2014 Paris Fashion Week, I was introduced to the upcoming season’s trend of fun, standout accessories. But the one thing that stood […]

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