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Things to Do in Paris and NOT to do!

There are thousands of articles on things to do in Paris, this is exactly the opposite. Its also very important to remember the things NOT to do!

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How to Tie Your Scarf Like a Parisian

The leaves are starting to turn and the temperatures at night are going down. Next week it will be official, fall is just about…

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Franco Files: She’s Got ‘Le Look’

Chic. Even in English we use the French term. It is a stereotype, to be sure, but like the best stereotypes, this one comes with…

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Signs of approval at Josephine Chez Dumonet in the 6th Arrondissement.

Dining on the Fly: How to Sniff Out the Best Restos

Real foodies come to Paris with reservations made months in advance, restaurant guidebooks and newspaper clippings featuring recommendations of the latest and greatest on the local scene. It is true that this city has some absolutely fabulous cuisine, with new spots opening daily. But some of us like to travel light—without the guidebooks and without the limitations of reservations—while still hoping to run into some excellent cuisine. And let’s face it: even the most organized foodie can find herself strolling through a completely new neighborhood without a clue about what the neighborhood has to offer.

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Franco Files: The Rude Waiter

People often ask where the French get their reputation for being so rude. And then other people indignantly reply, “I was in France just last month, and they are not rude at all!” Which is true but does not answer the question.

To be fair, the rumor has existed since the Romans conquered Gaul and turned Lutèce into a medical resort town centuries ago, but I believe that I have rooted out one of the primary sources of the rumor: the Parisian waiter.

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Kids being kids at Mama Shelter.

Eating Out in Paris . . . With Kids

Parisians rarely dine out with their children. Doing so is not practical when restaurants open at eight o’clock in the evening and the kids should be in bed by nine. It is expensive, and it is reserved as a very special treat. But children are welcome at many local restaurants, and if the three-hour meals with hefty bills are a bit much for your family, there are plenty of gourmet alternatives that allow foodie parents to enjoy their visit while keeping junior happy.

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