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How to Tie Your Scarf Like a Parisian

The leaves are starting to turn and the temperatures at night are going down. Next week it will be official, fall is just about…

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Paris fashion: colorful stripes on a scarf by Milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre

Paris Fashion: Accessorize with Scarves

Bienvenue, spring! The sun is finally shining on our faces. While we can’t wait to get out our summer wardrobe, it is still a bit chilly to put on a T-shirt or a tank top. For this transitional period, the scarf becomes the inevitable Paris fashion accessory. The rule is simple: choose a top and a colorful scarf, or a colorful top and a matching simple scarf.

While animal prints are everywhere […]

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Paris Fashion: Welcome the Sunshine with Waiting for the Sun

We have been enjoying the marvelously sunny days in the City of Light, embracing Paris fashion by wearing the sunglasses of Waiting for the Sun (W/Sün), a 100 percent Parisian label founded by a creative team with diverse origins.

Three friends—Antoine, Julien and Alexandre—started the brand by chance one night in a bar. They define the style of the brand as “Parisian sophistication and California casual attitude.”

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Shopping in Paris: stingray clutch by Perrin

Perrin: Shopping in Paris for the Perfect Clutch

Perrin‘s showroom-boutique is hidden away in a lovely, characteristically Parisian courtyard behind the gardens of the Palais Royal. So wonderful and peaceful, yet right in the heart of the city, it’s a very special find when shopping in Paris.

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Accessories at Richmond in Paris

Shopping in Paris: Luxurious Accessories at a New Boutique

Sometimes while shopping in Paris, you walk into a store and think, “Mais oui—I want one of everything!” Richmond, a new boutique in the 17th Arrondissement, is one such shop. Mari, the owner, has filled the store with trinkets and accessories of the utmost luxury and quality, while also boasting reasonable prices.

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Your Paris Palette: Halloween Orange

Just in time for Halloween! From Hermès to the metro sign that indicates Line 5, orange plays a particular role in the City of Light. This year, if you pay attention, you’ll find it everywhere. From the Paris fashion shows to Prada‘s David Bowie look, it provides this fall’s sharpest visual element. As our gray skies descend, orange is a welcome spark in the dark.

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The Upla bag

Paris Fashion: Travel Bags

Paris fashion is lovely, but safety is an issue, too. When touring, you’ll be spending your days in a crowded metro, busy museums and people-filled parks. People are everywhere, and while 99.9 percent of them are very good and honest, there are a few pickpockets out there, which makes choosing a handbag in Paris an extra challenge. Of course, any handbag that you enjoy traveling with at home will fit the bill. But sometimes it’s fun to follow Paris fashion and get your handbag here.

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