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Paris Restaurants: Le Tourette

Tucked on a tiny bit of the rue de Grenelle in the 7th Arrondissement, there was a tiny restaurant facade, “Le Tourette” written across the window, some of the letters in white, others missing, a faint trace leaving a […]

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Paris Restaurants: Pottoka

Last week I had a date with Kate, a friend who lives between Paris and Texas. Kate can cook and has a much better handle on Paris restaurants than I do, so I let her choose where we’d meet. She chose Abri, which […]

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Les Ombres

A friend of mine was begrudgingly moving from Paris back to the US, and though I’m not pleased about her move, I was more than happy to accompany her for her last meal in Paris. My mind started racing through all the restaurants in Paris as I tried to imagine where I would want my last bite—but luckily I don’t need to figure that out right now! My friend decided she needed some good food in a memorable setting, so we met at Les Ombres.

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The minimalist room at La Table d'Aki, the new 7th Arrondissement Paris restaurant where chef Akihiro Horikoshi cooks Japanese-influenced French cuisine

La Table d’Aki

I first met Akihiro Horikoshi two weeks ago. Mr. French and I were walking up the rue Vaneau in the 7th Arrondissement when I noticed a change. For years I’d been simultaneously intrigued and repulsed by a restaurant with a charmingly old-fashioned facade featuring tatty curtains that were gray from centimeters of dust. The revolting curtains were gone!

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Leg of lamb at Le Basilic, a hidden gem of a Paris bistro in the 7th Arrondissement near Les Invalides.

Le Basilic

A friend invited me to dinner in the 7th Arrondissement last week. It wasn’t a restaurant I knew, so I did a quick scan on the Internet for some information, and there wasn’t much to be found. So it was with some trepidation that I joined her at the Paris bistro Le Basilic. I’m tempted to keep it off the radar, but it was such a delight that I must share.

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White china comes as part of the decor for this Paris apartment vacation rental

Renting a Paris Apartment on the Left Bank

Recently during a stay in Paris, I rented a gorgeous one-bedroom apartment through one of my favorite rental firms, Just France. Renting an apartment in Paris is one of life’s great joys. Different than a hotel, a vacation apartment rental affords you some space to throw your clothes about, relax and sip coffee without a hefty room-service tab, and to pretend you are a vrai Parisian for the week. Going to the market on Sunday morning (in my case the nearby Raspail Organic Market) is reason enough for an apartment stay. Lugging back perfect French radishes, rotisserie chicken, flowers for 5 euros and fruits and veggies that I’ve handpicked for a proper Sunday lunch is seriously one of my favorite things about France. Market shopping is a sport, and picking out the best vendors is an art.

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A game of pétanque at the Champs de Mars, part of the local Paris you can find in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower

The Not-So-Secret Life in Paris

Sometimes I feel like I don’t exist. Like I’m a ghost that nobody can see or hear. This happens often in Paris, mostly when I am being ignored by an overly busy café waiter, but especially when I go on my morning run at the Champ de Mars. It’s amazing to me, but there seem to be two parallel universes in that park. The tourists come to stroll, picnic and, of course, climb the Eiffel Tower. They are out there in full force, yet never have I seen them stop to photograph the local scene. And what a local scene there is!

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Caesar salad at Les Cocottes de Christian Constant in Paris

Les Cocottes de Christian Constant

The concept of Les Cocottes de Christian Constant may be a bit of a gimmick, but the food is definitely not. Most everything on the menu is served in cast-iron cookware (“cocottes”) by Staub, which, along with wine glasses engraved with the restaurant’s logo and cookbooks by M. Constant, are displayed on the shelves behind the bar and are available for purchase. I had to wonder, walking into a restaurant full of merchandise, if the chef was also selling his soul.

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Duck confit at La Fontaine de Mars, a traditional Paris bistro in the 7th Arrondissement

La Fontaine de Mars

La Fontaine de Mars has the charm of a neighborhood Paris bistro and the polish of a destination restaurant, which is what it has become for legions of visitors (including, famously, the Obamas, back in 2009) who are looking for some kind of quintessential French dining experience.

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Bulgur salad at Coutume, a Paris café in the 7th Arrondissement


There are plenty of famous Paris cafés, but not many of them are actually known for their coffee. Inferior beans, dirty machines and sterilized milk are the standard.

But over the past several months, it has suddenly become easier to find a perfectly pulled espresso […]

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Les Botanistes

Here’s a new-old address in the shadow of le Bon Marché. Formerly le Gorille Blanc, the restaurant there is now called les Botanistes, and it’s under new ownership. The restaurants in this area tend toward uninspired and overpriced, but when François Simon gave it a pas mal (not faint praise, considering the source), I decided I would give it a try. We were warmly welcomed and asked if we’d like to sit inside or outside. Les Botanistes is on a quiet, low-traffic street, and the sun was shining, so the choice was not difficult.

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Le Chateaubriand

This much-lauded restaurant is on every visiting foodie’s to-do list. It was recently named the 11th-best restaurant in the world by the UK’s Restaurant Magazine, in fact, though these kinds of proclamations are best taken with a large grain of fleur du sel.

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Contemporary design at KRD

The Rue de Bourgogne

My BFF in Paris lives on the rue de Bourgogne, in the 7th Arrondissement, and she is in LOVE with her street. After a brief stroll, following her daily routine, it is easy to see why. The street begins at the Assemblée Nationale and shoots straight down three blocks, to the Hôtel Biron, home of the Musée Rodin and its enchanting gardens.

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