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Paris Restaurants: Blueberry

I was sitting at home reading a press release about a tempting new Japanese place called Blueberry when my partner, who is not a foodie and […]

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Paris Restaurant: La Ferme Saint Simon

The reopening of the restaurant La Ferme Saint Simon is without a doubt one of the events of the 2014….

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Paris Restaurants: Le Tourne Bouchon

There are some places that are so very much a part of my regular routine, it would never occur to me to share them—not out of selfishness but out of mere neglect. And it came to me recently that I have been […]

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Paris Restaurants: Yen

Japan and France share a love of fashion, graphic novels and fine cuisine, inspiring many young Japanese to come to the City of Light to pursue their passions. Some of them stay and become famous designers […]

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Paris Restaurants: Café Trama

I have a favorite café. It is not really a café; it is a restaurant called Café Trama, and it is right across the street from the studio where I spend my days writing. It only opened a few months ago, and it […]

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Paris Secrets: Le Cupcake Français

Pâtisserie is not the biggest of Paris secrets. It’s more a showcase of beautiful art that’s visible every day, all over the city. Few locals indulge themselves in pastries at the rate of visitors, but they keep an eye on […]

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Paris Restaurants: La Rotonde

Midnight in Paris was a romantic film that made me nostalgic for Paris even as I sat there in the theater at Odéon. I was longing for the Paris of my dreams, the Paris of salons, where artists and literary greats rubbed […]

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Paris restaurants: inside le Timbre

Paris Restaurants: Le Timbre

This local Vavin favorite may run low on square footage, but chef Chris Wright and his team never fail to make a huge impression. While the Manchester-born Wright isn’t a native, his culinary mastery of traditional […]

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The Grand Palais from the Ferris wheel in Paris

The Legend: One of the Dreamier Hotels in Paris

Shiny and modern, the Legend is a really lovely hotel in Paris, so I was happy to call it my home for a few sparkly Christmas days in the City of Light. I was greeted by an elegant and enchanting decor featuring clever owl lamps, artful tree branches, minilights and friendly front desk staff who appeased me by letting me practice my French skills.

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Paris restaurants: the head chef at le Cherche Midi

Paris Restaurants: Le Cherche Midi

It is not unusual for a tourist to ask me, “Where do real Parisians eat?” While we do eat at the well-known French foodie joints, a favorite with the locals is world cuisine, which visitors often avoid. Because we eat […]

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Salmon tartare at Da Rosa, a 6th Arrondissement Paris restaurant and épicerie in Paris

Da Rosa

I’ve just had the good fortune of returning from a trip to Italy, where I got to meet the owners and purveyors of wonderful Ligurian specialties like Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale vinegar. I loaded up on as many vacuum-sealed and boxed delicacies as my Parisian bag could hold, because nothing could be fresher than these products so close to the source.

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Le Christine

The giant fork hanging above the doorway of Le Christine had me smiling before I even got to my table. I like a Paris restaurant that isn’t afraid of having a little fun.

Le Christine continues this playfulness inside. Rustic wood beams on the ceiling transition to whitewashed brick walls. Splashes of red dot the decor and color the banquettes.

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Patatas bravas at Sergi Arola's new Spanish tapas spot, Restaurant Arola, at the W Hotel in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris

Restaurant Arola

The newest spot in town, the W Hotel, brought the crème de la crème of all my favorite regions of the world together under one roof at the new Restaurant Arola, named after the Catalan chef-owner, Sergi Arola. This Paris restaurant fuses a chic New York ambience with Catalan tapas and platillos while adding a touch of Parisian flair to the cuisine.

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Monkfish with mixed vegetables and cream sauce at Le Schmuck, a trendy see-and-be-seen spot in the St. Germain/6th Arrondissement neighborhood of Paris

Le Schmuck

This Paris restaurant has glam, beauty and all the makings for a fun girls’ night out. While the name Le Schmuck may not conjure images of beautiful people, believe me, they’re here. They’re sitting on the small terrace watching and being watched, and they’re also waiting on the tables and serving drinks.

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Semilla, Paris's fourth restaurant from Juan Sanchez and Drew Harré, the duo behind La Dernière Goutte, Cosi and Fish, la Boissonnerie


While Paris is home to many petits cafés and family-owned bistros, the city also has a growing number of restaurant groups in which one owner operates several establishments. There are the überchefs with multiple Paris restaurants, like Joel Robuchon, Guy Savoy and Alain Ducasse.

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