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Paris Bistro: Vins des Pyrénées

Vin des Pyrennes is a Paris Bistro I’d been keen on trying for over a year so I was delighted when I remembered it was just

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Paris Restaurants: Claude Colliot

Chef-patron Claude Colliot set up shop in the heart of the Marais in 2009, having earned his stripes at la Bamboche on the other side of the river. Paris restaurants don’t get much better than this one; it set […]

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Bar bleu at Pamela Popo, a trendy Paris restaurant in the 4th Arrondissement, run by chef David Personnat

Pamela Popo

GG2P partner Pamela Popo may have a strange-sounding name, but to the French, it’s a way of paying homage to one of their favorite local singers, Serge Gainsbourg, who sang a song by the same name. This Paris restaurant has been open just a year now, and David Personnat, of Ledoyen fame, is heading up the kitchen here.

Parked outside the restaurant on the charming rue François Miron was a cool old car emblazoned with the Pamela Popo logo.

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Shopping, Sweets and Sights

When I first moved here, Paris had the three s’s: shopping, sweets and sights. After six years, nothing has changed.

My favorite kind of shopping in Paris is vintage. It’s affordable and, most important, it’s fun! One of the best neighborhoods for thrifting is the Marais. It’s full of little shops like Coiffeur and Noir Kennedy, which are two of my favorites.

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Mille-feuille at Drouant, Antoine Westermann's address in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris


Drouant is a classic, but for some reason I had never gotten around to visiting. In a city with thousands of restaurants, I suppose this isn’t too hard to understand, but my own biases are also to blame. I love small, personal restaurants, and Drouant, with its sprawling set of dining rooms and almost equally as sprawling menu, never really called to me.

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