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Paris Restaurants: Le Restaurant des Poètes

Paris restaurants, while revered the world over for their distinctive deliciousness whether traditional or modern, are not typically known for warm and welcoming service. Though I’ve rarely had a rude […]

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Paris Restaurants: Shake n’ Smash

All too many Paris restaurants have the problem of being just about the food. Likewise, most Paris bars are just about the drinks and ambience. And plenty of Paris concert halls only care about the music. But what if […]

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Paris Restaurants: Camille

For the past several years, Paris has been getting hipper. Or rather hipster-ier. It is not uncommon to spot bearded young French men, coffee-to-go in hand, wearing plaid as they step up to a counter and order un taco […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Mary Celeste

Paris wine bars have always offered a good stop to enjoy a glass with a nice plate of cheese or a charcuterie platter, but sometimes I want a broader range of food options with something different to drink. Then […]

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French chocolate: the caramels by Jacques Genin

Masters of French Chocolate: Jacques Genin

French chocolate is justifiably celebrated, and Jacques Genin sits happily in its uppermost echelons. His chocolates are exceptionally good, with fine and even enrobing, and sensitive use of different couverture […]

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Plan B, a quick-service and delicious Paris café in the Marais district, offers tarts, soups, salads, and desserts

Paris Restaurants: Plan B

I was shopping in the Marais the other day and wanted to pop in somewhere for a quick bite. Though I enjoy Rose Bakery and Poilâne, I didn’t feel like throwing down 20 euros for lunch on the run, but I wanted something more substantial than Subway, which seems to be popping up on every corner now. Enter Plan B, a great little gem among Paris restaurants that opened last summer and did indeed turn out to be the perfect backup plan.

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Shops in Paris: books at LibrairieScaramouche

Shops in Paris: Librairie Scaramouche

On a rainy afternoon, I find myself with a little free time before a rendezvous at le Centre Pompidou to see the Salvador Dalí exhibition, which at the time is on display for only a few more weeks. As I aimlessly stroll the streets of the 3rd Arrondissement, a small librairie suddenly catches my eye. Librairie Scaramouche, one of the many little shops in Paris, has been around for more than a decade.

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Le Pont de Yunnan, a 9th Arrondissement Chinese restaurant in Paris, is a no-frills authentic Chinese hole-in-the-wall where your mouth will be delighted and so will your wallet.

Paris Restaurants: Le Pont de Yunnan

Every morning when I look out my window at the park below, I see clusters of Chinese women doing some sort of cross between jazzercise and tai chi. While it looks a bit ridiculous against the backdrop of […]

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Happy Nouilles, a 3rd Arriondissement Paris restaurant, serves up fast, cheap, handmade noodles in a number of spicy, soul-satisfying soups

Happy Nouilles

It’s raining in Paris… again. I know, I know, I still get to live in the City of Light, but I caught a cold too, so I’ve been a little grumpy. I thought about which Paris restaurant could cheer me up, and the perfect spot came to mind: Happy Nouilles.

You almost can’t even say the name of the place without smiling.

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Sometimes the Paris food world can take itself a little too seriously. Plenty of Paris bistros will wedge you into an armless upright chair, between side-by-side wooden tables, with the usual suspects listed on the menu like a shopping list: foie gras, pâté, charcuterie. When I’m going out with a group or celebrating a friend’s birthday, I like a little more oomph to my meal and atmosphere. Derrière is just the place to liven up any special occasion.

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Hit La Chambre aux Oiseaux, a café full of vintage charm in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris, for a sandwich or pastry and coffee

La Chambre aux Oiseaux

La Chambre aux Oiseaux is a Paris café with heart and a history to match. Léna, one of the owners, grew up in a haberdashery owned by her mother where vinyls spun on the record player and delicious smells constantly floated out of the kitchen where her grandmother baked. Léna’s partner, Hervé, enjoyed a similar childhood. His mother and his father (a baker) instilled in him their interest in decor and lovely little knickknacks.

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Cuisine de Bar

Good sandwiches start with good bread, and there aren’t many breads better than pain Poilâne. The legendary loaf stands well on its own, but it is sublime when toasted, which is exactly the treatment it gets at Cuisine de Bar, a smart eat-in annex of the famous bakery (which now has a shop in the upper Marais, by the way).

More than a café, but barely a restaurant, the “bar” in this cuisine is the long counter that divides the open kitchen from the banquette […]

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Try the merguez or the lamb brochettes at Chez Omar, which offers a taste of North Africa in the north Marais neighborhood of Paris

Chez Omar

Opening the menu at Chez Omar, I was surprised to see oeufs mayonnaise, steak frites and other Paris restaurant standbys. I had forgotten, since my last visit a full four years ago, that they served anything but couscous. That’s what everyone is there for.

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Sesame tofu salad at Rose Bakery, a Paris tea salon in the 9th Arrondissement

Rose Bakery

This adored Paris tea salon, bakery and organic canteen put rue des Martyrs on the food lover’s map when it opened in 2002. South Pigalle was conquered by carrot cake and crumbles baked by (gasp!) an Englishwoman.

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The galette complète at La Compagnie de Bretagne, a chic new crêperie in the 6th Arrondissement of Paris

La Compagnie de Bretagne

There’s been a spate of summer Paris restaurant openings this year, including this swanky new crêperie, featuring pedigreed organic products from Brittany […]

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