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Shopping: Rue Etienne Marcel

When I first moved to the Montorgueil quartier, I only had eyes for rue Montorgueil….

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Paris Restaurants: Filakia

There is no shortage of Paris restaurants offering fast food, including a large number of luxury burger joints that have started to pop up all over town, but Filakia has to be one of my newest favorites. Here’s why: I love […]

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Where to Eat in Paris: Rue du Nil

When was the last time you ventured to the rue du Nil in the 2nd Arrondissement? Ages ago because you’ve given up trying to score a table at Frenchie? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would […]

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Paris neighborhoods: spices bins at l'Entrepôt de Paris

Paris Neighborhoods: The 2nd Arrondissement

I love heading to the 2nd Arrondissement in Paris when I’m feeling like I’ve lost my compass, and maybe even forgotten why I fell in love with this city. Less gentrified than many of the central Paris neighborhoods, this area is full of banks and businesses, where Parisians live their daily lives somewhat oblivious to tourism and travelers. Which means the international chains have not yet moved in and much of the commerce is locally owned and operated, even if the owner is Japanese or Breton.

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Paris secrets: ZenZoo tea parlor

Paris Secrets: An Afternoon in the Japanese Quarter

In the nest of winding streets between the Palais Royal and Opéra, a batch of Japanese restaurants and businesses unassumingly sprout out of the area’s Haussmannian buildings to form one of the best Paris secrets: a booming Japanese quarter. Not only is the quarter the city’s culinary hub of Japanese cuisine, it also boasts a variety of specialty grocery stores and tea parlors, as well a handful of French cultural attractions such as the quaint Passage Vivienne, the beautiful Palais Royal and the Richelieu branch of the Bibliothèque nationale de France (BnF).

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Paris restaurants: Il Campionissimo street view

Paris Restaurants: Tastiest Takeout in the 2nd Arrondissement

At most Paris restaurants, asking for a doggie bag to pack up the rest of a meal unfortunately still amounts to a culinary slap in the face. While the French have remained notoriously unwilling to adapt to […]

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Paris restaurants: the main dish at Gyoza Bar

Paris Restaurants: Gyoza Bar

Despite the mutual influence between French and Asian culture, it can be difficult to find superb Paris restaurants focused on Asian food. But when you do, it feels as though you’ve stumbled upon a priceless […]

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Pulled-duck bites at Pirouette, a 1st Arrondissement Paris restaurant whose highly crafted yet affordable dishes are classing up Les Halles

Paris Restaurants: Pirouette

When I was a little girl, the only part of ballet lessons that I ever remember enjoying was the part where we got to break free from the dreadful rigidity of the bar exercises and spin across the floor doing pirouettes. Because who doesn’t love twirling around in a tutu?

Les Halles’ newest resto, Pirouette, promises to leave you with equally enjoyable memories. While most Paris restaurants in this particularly seedy corner of Les Halles […]

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Paris Restaurants: ZenZoo

Having reached my quota of French food from Paris restaurants for the week, I turned to ZenZoo to reintroduce some balance into my recent overload on steak frites and cuisse de canard. Humbly wedged into the […]

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If you’re in the mood for an authentic hamburger and fries, Delmas Diner, in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris, serves up the best of each.

Delmas Diner

Parisians have been jumping on board with the current craze for hamburgers in Paris, as evidenced by the popularity of spots like the burger truck Camion Qui Fume and Blend. Even Ralph Lauren got in on the action. Now it’s time to add another to the stack with newcomer Delmas Diner.

The original Delmas Café looks out onto the picturesque place de la Contrescarpe near the busy food-destination street rue Monge.

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Poached egg with sautéed mushrooms and bacon at the Alsatian Paris bistro Schmidt—L'Os à Moelle, in the 15th Arrondissement

Schmidt—L’Os à Moelle

When I received an invitation to dine at a Paris restaurant with an Alsatian bent, my stomach turned over as I flashed back to my pork-laden romp through the Christmas markets in Strasbourg and Colmar a few months ago. I had barely finished digesting the pork knuckle and cheese-covered potatoes from December, but I was told Schmidt—L’Os a Moelle would be a different culinary experience.

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Veal at Verjus, the new Paris restaurant from Braden and Laura, the foodie power couple of Hidden Kitchen fame.

Verjus Restaurant

I remember experiencing extreme joy and sadness last year after eating an exquisite meal at the home of US culinary power couple Braden and Laura, when they hosted their final installment of their supper club, Hidden Kitchen. The pair has since returned to hanging laundry in their dining room and entertaining just for family and intimate friends, but if you’re not related to them, you’re still in luck—Braden and Laura have opened their first Paris restaurant, Verjus.

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Ralph Lauren’s Paris restaurant, the aptly named Ralph’s, has been open since 2010. Given the rate at which new restaurants in Paris come and go, a two-year-old eatery (even one opened with a certain brand of fanfare that can only be generated by a global fashion icon) is hardly news anymore. But when an American friend who works in fashion came to Paris recently, we decided to pay a visit to Ralph’s and see what all the fuss—old and new—is about.

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The charcuterie plate at Le Pas Sage, a neighborhood bistro in the 2nd Arrondissement of Paris

Le Pas Sage

I love the many passages of Paris. There are the ones that silently slide off major streets, revealing hidden gems under colorful, covered galleries. Then there’s the growing number of notable restaurants that share the name, like the Michelin-starred Passage 53, and the eclectic back-alley Au Passage. Now there’s Le Pas Sage, a relaxed neighborhood bistro located on the attractive passage du Grand Cerf and the sometimes sketchy rue St.-Denis.

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Parisian Burger Joints: Le Camion Qui Fume and Blend

With the arrival of Le Camion Qui Fume and Blend, the odds of finding a good hamburger in the French capital have dramatically improved. Sure, there are plenty of Paris restaurants and cafés that serve “les burgers,” but I gave up my dream of discovering a decent burger in Paris a long, long time ago.

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