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What to Do in Paris: 104

If you’ve ever wondered what to do in Paris when you’re tired of the big museums but wish to take in a small exhibition or art installation, or watch a performance in a chilled place with a youthful vibe, cultural […]

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Shrimp dumplings at Pacifique, a Chinese restaurant with an exhaustive menu in the Belleville neighborhood of Paris.

Le Pacifique

I hit Paris bistro saturation last weekend, and found myself in need of some new flavors and a new environment, so I ventured out to Belleville for a taste of their little Chinatown.

Chinese immigrants settled in the Belleville area in the 1920s, and you’ll see their influence up and down rue de Belleville, mixed in with African, Jewish, Greek and Armenian cultures.

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Parc de Belleville, in Paris

Belleville in Paris

Belleville is set apart from the Paris of historical landmarks and glowing monuments, and worlds away from the Paris of designer labels of the Champs Elysées. Belleville in Paris is an area that is historically home to the middle class, and now hosts pockets of various ethnicities—including Asian, Arab and Jewish—as well as bobos. “Bobo” refers to “bourgeois bohemian” and is a term used to describe yuppie hipsters. This mélange of culture also makes Belleville a great destination for delicious cuisine.

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Langoustine carpaccio at Olivier Camus' Le Chapeau Melon in the 19th Arrondissement

Le Chapeau Melon

Some of the best food in Paris can be found outside the city center. There’s Jadis, in the far reaches of the 15th; La Régalade, at the end of line 4; and La Bigarrade, on the edge of the sprawling 17th, just to name a few. To that list you can add Le Chapeau Melon, in Belleville.

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