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Paris Restaurants: Soul Kitchen

When it comes to Paris restaurants, if you’re vegetarian, or simply prefer eating a plant-based diet, sometimes it feels like the options are hard to come by. At best, you can hope for a meatless chèvre chaud at a […]

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Paris Restaurants: Chamarré Montmartre

Living in the 18th Arrondissement, I’ve often wandered the hills tucked behind Sacré Coeur and past its many Paris restaurants, and in passing Chamarré Montmartre, I’ve looked upon its sleek terrace […]

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Remarkable Rues: Rue Lepic

The wonderful Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre is tucked into the arm of rue Lepic, a historic street that winds around the famous hill. Historical figures such as Vincent van Gogh and Jean-Baptiste […]

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Paris tours: Café des Deux Moulins in Montmartre

Paris Tours: Unbeatable Attractions in the 18th

The 18th is one of the largest arrondissements of Paris, from the seemingly endless hills and stairs of Montmartre to the vibrant North African neighborhood known

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Paris restaurants: exterior of le Coq Rico

Paris Restaurants: Le Coq Rico

Antoine Westermann’s Alsatian roots shine in all their glory at his new bistro-rotisserie, which gasconades the barnyard (or basse-cour) in a simple yet elegantly Parisian fashion. Bashfully located in the quaint […]

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French fashion: a jewelry at Une Fille à Montmartre

French Fashion: Une Fille à Montmartre

Having a place to stay near Montmartre on my recent trip to Paris proved to be quite beneficial in terms of discovering the bohemian side of the city. It was a welcoming contrast considering I was traveling on a five-day tourist-packed itinerary. Remnants of the area’s artistic legacy that still lives throughout the ruelles and establishments quickly became apparent as I uncovered […]

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Sanglier at La Table d'Eugène, in the 18th Arrondissement

La Table d’Eugène

While it’s not necessarily news, I had been meaning to go to the French bistro La Table d’Eugène for some time now. Several friends had declared it to be the best restaurant in Montmartre, with good value for the money. So on my last night during a recent stay in Paris, I went with my friends Maeggie, Jennifer and Loraine. For 50 euros per person, we enjoyed a stunning meal. OK, so some of us didn’t overindulge as much, namely the French and Swiss ladies, opting for only mains and desserts […]

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All is quaint and traditional at Francoeur.

The Paris Brunch

Brunch is a strictly American concept, and because being Anglo-Saxon is quite cool in Paris these days, going to brunch has become THE thing to…

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Paris Neighborhoods: Caulaincourt

Running between meetings yesterday, I stumbled upon a new (to me) Paris neighborhood, Caulaincourt. My introduction to the area began with a graffiti-adorned bridge that served as an overpass for the Montmartre Cemetery, where luminaries like Mme Récamier rest in eternal peace. Cars rushed passed while just below, lazy cats sprawled in the afternoon sun, shadows of the blossoming chestnut trees dancing across their bellies, settled tenants of this Paris neighborhood.

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La Table d’Eugène

Everyone likes a hidden gem, a special address in an unlikely part of town, in this case the other side of Montmartre, a quiet pocket of streets between the tourist masses around Sacré Coeur and the raucous street scenes on the boulevard Barbès. This is a gastronomic no-man’s-land, so it is not surprising that La Table d’Eugène, a contemporary […]

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Grilled artichoke tartine at Le Petit Trianon, a cut above your standard Paris café, in the 18th Arrondissement, Montmartre

Le Petit Trianon

It can be frustrating in Paris to be hungry at an odd hour, or to want something decent without spending a fortune or having to think ahead to make a reservation. Yes, there are your usual Parisian cafés all over the place, but the standard of food at most of these places, charming as they might be, is depressingly low.

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Le Bal Café

If France and England have a tense history, you wouldn’t know it after eating at Le Bal Café, a new spot where lines of Parisians seem more than happy to scarf down scones, kippers and kedgeree.

Hidden at a tiny impasse near place de Clichy, Le Bal is an exhibition space housed in a former bordello and ballroom (thus le bal). The café has been open since September. Whether you come for the art and stay for the food or vice versa doesn’t matter: there’s no shame in either.

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La Bonne Franquette

If it’s generally true that finding a good meal at a reasonable price near Paris’s most trafficked tourist sites is all but impossible, then this might be the exception that proves the rule.

I first heard about La Bonne Franquette from Alexander Lobrano, who admitted to having been pleasantly surprised by a meal at this historic spot (Van Gogh painted it) near the overrun place du Tertre, in Montmartre. Having read that review, I happily accepted an invitation to a dinner celebrating the annual […]

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Paris Restaurant Reviews: Marcel

There seems to be no end to the Parisian love of all things vaguely New Yorkaise, at least if the popularity of the recently opened Marcel, a charming Montmartre café, is any indication.

Marcel actually covers a broad Anglo territory, serving fish and chips alongside American classics like […]

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The fun at Shu starts the moment you step through the door, a child-size portal on quiet rue Suger that leads to a cool and calm den with stone walls, broad wooden tables surrounded by cushioned benches, and a pristine little kitchen with a counter and a few seats.

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