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Paris Restaurants: Rech

One of the top things that come to mind when people think about Paris is food. Paris restaurants: we dream about them when […]

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Coretta Restaurant Interior

Paris Restaurants: Coretta

In a season of highly anticipated openings last fall, Coretta was one of January’s most talked-about. It was …

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Paris Restaurants: Le Crabe Marteau

Paris restaurants can often take themselves a little too seriously. Service can go from brusque to white gloved. Dining rooms can feel stiff or cramped, and plates can seem too artfully crafted to eat. So sometimes it’s […]

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Paris Art: Sensuality and Spirituality by Jean-Jacques Henner

The Paris art scene can sometimes be overwhelming, from ancient classics at the Louvre down to up-and-coming artists

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Paris restaurants: one of the many dishes at l’Agapé

Paris Restaurants: L’Agapé

I was recently invited to dine at l’Agapé, a Michelin one-star restaurant that has been creating considerable interest since opening a more casual cousin on the Rive Gauche, l’Agapé Substance. Sitting in the very […]

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Paris restaurants: the interior of le Verre Moutarde

Paris Restaurants: Le Verre Moutarde

In most Paris restaurants, the lunch formule is an offering of typical, typically boring bistro fare, riskless dishes that are more modestly priced than dinner but still cost a hefty euro for just two plates. But the […]

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Restaurant Vatel

I was in charge of picking a restaurant for a fellow cooking school graduate, and I knew a simple French bistro wouldn’t cut it. When I learned that there is a cooking school in Paris that also has a restaurant, I knew I had found the perfect place for our dinner.

Institut Vatel is located in the 17th Arrondissement and is an international business school with a hotel and tourism program.

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Rouget with courgettes at Le 39V, Frédéric Vardon's sleek, modern restaurant atop the Sony building in the 8th Arrondissement of Paris

Le 39V

Le 39V opened last fall, one of a handful of higher-end places to appear, a welcome flash of bling in this age of austerity.

There is no old world charm in this Paris restaurant. This is a slick and sleek address, black and chrome, perched on the roof of the Sony building, just off the Champs Elysées.

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Paris Itineraries: Madame X and History’s First ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’

Appearance is everything. It is true today; it was true in the 19th century. And of all the people in that century who were judged by their appearance, perhaps the greatest star and the greatest victim was the woman known to the art world as Madame X. You can visit her world in the less well-known 17th Arrondissement through one of the Paris itineraries described later in this blog post.

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Frédéric Simonin's Technicolor arrangement of veggies: Les Legumes

Frédéric Simonin

Walking into Frédéric Simonin, open less than a month, is a little like getting into a luxury sedan, all black and gray with polished chrome trim, where nothing rattles and the noise of the world is kept out.

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A quaint village church in the Batignolles neighborhood, in the 17th Arrondissement of Paris

Paris Neighborhoods: Batignolles

“Yeah, well, get lost!” my teen shouts at me in a fit of anger. So I do. It’s one of my favorite activities, in fact—getting lost in Paris. Last week I had an hour to spare between appointments, so I took her advice and simply strolled. Within minutes I found myself in Batignolles, one of my latest favorite neighborhoods in Paris.

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