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Paris Restaurants: Au Coin Pasteur

There is a movement afoot on the Parisian dining scene, changing the balance of Paris restaurants. After a decade of trendy restaurants featuring popular young chefs, fussy ingredients and monthlong […]

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Paris Restaurants: Le Ciel de Paris

It’s been said that the best view of Paris is from the top of the Tour Montparnasse, because one gets to see the entire city (including the Eiffel Tower) while avoiding the sight of the Tour Montparnasse […]

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Fans of Julien Duboué's Paris restaurant Dans Les Landes in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris will enjoy his original outpost for Basque tapas in the 15th Arrondissement, Afaria


I love tapas. I don’t know if that means I’m a bit fickle, since I’d rather eat a little bit of everything than one of the same thing in any restaurant in Paris—or in or out of Spain, for that matter. I prefer to think it means I love food so much that I want to sample as many different things as I can. Whether you’re fickle or not, Afaria offers a perfect dining experience with a Basque-inspired tapas menu.

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Les Saisons is a cozy neighborhood bistro in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris serving thoughtfully prepared dishes at a wallet-friendly price

Les Saisons

The 9th Arrondissement is becoming quite the food mecca, with dozens of new Paris restaurants continuing to open each year. Les Affranchis, L’Office and Le Pantruche are all newbies, just to name a few. All have opened to much acclaim, and now it’s time to add Les Saisons to the growing number of new bistros in the area.

Tucked away on a small street off rue de Maubeuge […]

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The new Cantine du Troquet Dupleix, from Paris bistro wonderman Christian Etchebest

La Cantine du Troquet Dupleix

A good dining experience at a Paris brasserie means many things. Sometimes it’s simply breaking bread with a good friend and sharing some laughs. Sometimes an enjoyable dinner can be attributed to the people and energy there. And, of course, sometimes a good meal is a straight-up good meal with excellent food and service.

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Poached egg with sautéed mushrooms and bacon at the Alsatian Paris bistro Schmidt—L'Os à Moelle, in the 15th Arrondissement

Schmidt—L’Os à Moelle

When I received an invitation to dine at a Paris restaurant with an Alsatian bent, my stomach turned over as I flashed back to my pork-laden romp through the Christmas markets in Strasbourg and Colmar a few months ago. I had barely finished digesting the pork knuckle and cheese-covered potatoes from December, but I was told Schmidt—L’Os a Moelle would be a different culinary experience.

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White bean purée with squid and ham at Aux Verres de Contact, Guillaume Délage's new bistro in the 5th Arrondissement of Paris

Aux Verres de Contact

Jadis, in the 15th Arrondissement, has joined the parade of Paris bistros that have opened offshoots, with a new address in the 5th called Aux Verres de Contact.

The name means “contact lenses,” […]

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Cod with Bayonne pork belly at Le Troquet, Christian Etchebest’s Basque-inflected bistro in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris

Le Troquet

I first visited Le Troquet almost two years ago with a couple I knew from New York. At that point, I thought I had visited a fair number of Paris restaurants, but in retrospect I realize that I had barely scratched the surface (I still feel this way, actually). Case in point: I hadn’t been anywhere in the 15th […]

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Le Casse-Noix

Le casse-noix means “nutcracker,” and at the end of a meal at this recently opened bistro near the Eiffel Tower, you’ll be presented with a dish of walnuts in their shells and a metal cracker to break them open. It’s a charming and generous touch, and not the only one you’ll encounter during dinner here.

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Hôtel Gavarni, in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris, is green certified.

From Backpacker Budgets to Princess Prices: New Hotel Finds in Paris

So you are finally going to Paris. But where to stay? Picking the wrong Parisian hotel can put a damper on your entire experience. On a recent trip I visited a number of new or redone hotels, from budget to green to luxury. In one way or another these Paris hotels inspired me, and I hope they will capture your imagination and motivate you to plan a trip to Paris in 2011.

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Tucked behind the Pantheon, Christophe is a culinary bright spot in a Paris neighborhood full of student bars, kebab shops, tourist traps and mediocre Italian places.

It’s not a new restaurant, but for some reason people have been talking about it recently. I read about it on one of my favorite French food […]

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Though I used to live on the left bank, I never did make it to L’Epigramme, a well-priced bistro with a solid reputation and loyal following. It still exists but has recently changed hands, and the reports since the new team took over have been mixed at best.

The good news is that the old owners have launched another endeavor […]

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Le Grand Pan

In Greek mythology, Pan is the god of nature, reigning over pastures and flocks, and the shepherds who keep them. While there is nothing particularly pastoral about the 15th Arrondissement of Paris, there nature’s bounty is yours for the eating at Le Grand Pan.

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The view from the 15th Arrondissement

My ’Hood: The 15th Arrondissement

I live somewhat off the tourist path in the 15th Arrondissement of Paris. We are geographically the largest arrondissement in the city, with a population…

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