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Things to see in Paris: Chinatown

For years I had wanted to see a real Chinese New Year parade and that desire is what drove Liana, my wonderful assistant […]

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Nightlife in Paris: La Folie en Tête

After you experience a lot of nightlife in Paris, the glitzy barhopping starts to feel stale, leaving behind only a craving for an experience with less fuss and more edge. That’s why I decided to swap the usual debonair bar jam-packed with natty sophisticates for a laid-back evening at la Folie en Tête.

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Pho boeuf normal and pork spring rolls at Pho 14, a classic cheap-eats noodle joint in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris.

Pho 14

It’s not even technically winter yet, but you wouldn’t know it in Paris these days. A cold snap worthy of deepest January settled in last week, and temperatures didn’t rise until Saturday during a snowstorm, melting those pretty flakes into freezing wet drops.

The Vietnamese noodle soup […]

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