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Paris Restaurants: Nebbiolo

The neighborhood east of Place de la Bastille has its share of good Paris restaurants, and a fair amount of them are clustered around the Marché d’Aligre, a rich source of fresh produce and fine bread, meat […]

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Paris restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café chocolate tart

Paris Restaurants: Gentle Gourmet Café

From the outside, Gentle Gourmet Café, near the Gare de Lyon, looks like one of many modern Paris restaurants/cafés. But if you look closely at the menu on the window, you will see some classic dishes […]

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Paris Restaurants: Clandestino

When Marcelo Julio and the chef Masayuki Shibuya cheekily set up camp in an abandoned Korean food joint last July, recycling suddenly took a very tasty turn. Masayuki’s modern take on French cuisine peppered […]

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Miss Lunch Stands Out among Cafés in Paris for Food, Art and Olive Oil

If you think that Occitane beauty products smell good enough to eat, I have great news for you. Olivier Baussan, the founder of Occitane, has sponsored a little eatery

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Paris Markets: The Marché d’Aligre

After all this time in Paris, I have become something of a know-it-all. Not good. It was time to shake things up a bit and see Paris from someone else’s point of view. I needed a private tour of one of the Paris markets. Naturally, I thought of my friend Anne. She has a blog, A Foodie Froggy in Paris, where she gives relatively easy, modern French recipes in English. She also gives cooking lessons in her home a few times a month, edits a few local cooking magazines and occasionally gives tours of the Marché d’Aligre. If that is not enough, I have something of a schoolgirl’s admiration for Anne. She is, to me, the epitome of Parisian chic—beautiful, elegant and incredibly natural about it all. Mercifully, Anne agreed to help me out: Meet me at 11 a.m. in front of Blé Sucré, she ordered. OK, I replied, too embarrassed to admit that I had no idea what the Blé Sucré actually was.

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Herring with mustard, nori and dill at Le Cotte Rôti, a Paris bistro in the 12th Arrondissement

Le Cotte Rôti

The good news is that Le Cotte Rôti, a contemporary Paris bistro near the Marché d’Aligre, has gotten a makeover. The new gray scheme is a marked improvement over the horrendous black and orange situation they had going before, but the old less-is-more dictum has been ignored, and the results feel dated despite being new.

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I am a latecomer to the Rino parade, having been away for nearly three weeks, when this little address received big press. In addition to snagging multiple hearts in Le Figaro, Rino earned the always trusty Alexander Lobrano‘s eloquent seal of approval, and GG2P contributor Meg Zimbeck was delighted by her dinner.

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