Individual Tours

See the best parts of Paris with our printable and downloadable self-guided walking tours. There are 18 in all to help you explore the charming, historic Paris tourists often miss. Whether it's strolling medieval streets, hunting gourmet treats, shopping for just the right souvenir, or uncovering historical treasures we've got something for you.

These popular Girls' Guide to Paris walking tours are also available in discounted sets and enhanced apps for your iphone or android phone with maps, text, images and links.


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gg2p    shop stgermain 1

Walk and Shop in Saint-Germain

The ultimate place to shop in Paris and the most charming, without the crowds of the Marais. More >>

Price: $4.33
gg2p    wine tour 1

Wine Walk of the 1st and 2nd Arrondissements

Wine bars are all the rage in Paris, follow us as we open their doors for you. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    saint martin 1

Canal Saint-Martin

The most exciting up and coming, artsy part of town. We'll help you discover the best parts! More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    palais pompidou 1

Palais to Pompidou

The first and second arrondissements in central Paris are full of many splendors including secret covered passageways. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    opera louvre 1

Louvre to Opera Walk

Culture and more – all the best streets to explore in central Paris. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    latin quarter 1

Latin Quarter Stroll

Latin Quarter, home to the ancient Sorbonne University. Learn about the variety that this charming area has to offer. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    audrey 1

Audrey Hepburn in Paris

Audrey made many classic movies in Paris, take a tour of their locations and cover central Paris at its best. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    jakie paris 1

Shopping with Jackie in Paris

Discover the posh 16th arr via Jackie Kennedy eyes. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p    shop marais 1

Walk and Shop the Marais and Bastille

There are over 60 shops on this tour as well as some art, history and nibbles thrown in. More >>

Price: $4.33
gg2p    quick gourmet 1

Quick Gourmet Tour

Don't have a lot of time to spend but want to sample some Parisian delights? This tour is for you. More >>

Price: $2.47
gg2p Pastry and Chocolate Tour   pastry 1

Pastry and Chocolate Tour

Is there two words in the language that make more people happy, and is there a better place to sample than Paris? No, we don't think so. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p Gourmet Tour   gourmet 1

Gourmet Tour

Champagne to cheese, baguettes to ice cream and an ancient church thrown in. More >>

Price: $2.93
gg2p Pigalle and Montmartre   pigalle 1

Pigalle and Montmartre

Discover the quaint and charming rues of Montmartre and avoid the throngs of tourists. More >>

Price: $2.47
gg2p Exploring Rue du Cherche Midi   cherch midi 1

Exploring Rue du Cherche-Midi

From Antique shops, to tea salons, to vintage shops, how wonderful can one street be? More >>

Price: $2.47
gg2p Shop Rue St Dominique and Grenelle   rue dominique 1

Shop Rue St Dominique and Grenelle

Discover the posh 7th arrondissement via our two favorite streets in the area. More >>

Price: $2.47
gg2p Around the Marais   around marais

Around the Marais

Begin at the most beautiful square in Paris and wander through the ancient streets of this Bohemian artsy shopping paradise. More >>

Price: $3.67
gg2p Stroll from St. Germain to Notre Dame   germain dame 1

Stroll from St.-Germain to Notre Dame

Wander through some of the oldest streets in Paris passing her most charming bookstore to end up at the masterpiece, Notre Dame. More >>

Price: $2.93
gg2p Stroll from St. Germain to the Louvre   stgermain louvre 1

Stroll from St.-Germain to the Louvre

Discover the most beautiful and secret hidden way to walk from St. Germain to the Louvre, revealing the pyramid in all its glory. More >>

Price: $2.93