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A French View from the Chateau

  Many of us dream of living in France but it usually remains just that, a dream.  For one New Zealander though, a change in…

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B and Bs

An interesting way to meet the French. Good Morning Paris 43, rue Lacepède, in the 5th. 01 47 07 28 29. This company has a…

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Skip the bargains and head straight to the top.

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Apartment Rentals

Rent an apartment—it’s nearly always cheaper and more spacious than a hotel room, and it allows you to pretend you are a Parisian. Shop for…

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Très Kool

Artus Hotel $$–$$$ 34, rue de Buci, in the 6th. 01 43 29 07 20. Very chic, in a killer location. Hôtel Amour $ 8,…

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Hôtel Daniel $$$ 8, rue Frédéric Bastiat, in the 8th. 01 42 56 17 00. The Orient and the Occident merge in the design of…

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