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bar hopping in Paris

Paris Cocktails, the book by Doni Belau

The new book, Paris Cocktails Transports You to the City of Light with Delicious and Creative Cocktail Recipes, and….

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French Recipes: A Valentine Meal

Paris is the city of love. What would be more romantic than spending a full week-end in Paris to celebrate Valentine ’s…

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French Recipes: Onion Tartlets

Onion confit is a must have on French tables during winter. We usually associate this onion marmalade with foie gras toasts….

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French Recipe: Beet Root Verrine

Do you know what a verrine is? Verrine stands for little glass in French. Reserved only at first for the most famous French restaurant….

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French Fig Tart

Being from Montpellier, coming to Paris always leaves me a bit confused. This is the type of city that you love and hate….

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Rasberry Charlotte

We use to think that the charlotte was a French recipe. It is true that the charlotte is a dessert much appreciated by the French….

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French Recipe: Far Breton Cake

Baking a Far Breton is for me a flashback from my childhood. I still remember the smell penetrating the entire….

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Recipe of the Month: Tarte au Citron

For me, the best ambassadors of French cuisine are all the little bakeries that you find walking around the city. You can already smell the…

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French Recipes: Asparagus and Goat Cheese Frittata

Spring has been showing its sporadically sunny self in the City of Light, bringing with it a fresh crop of fruits and vegetables. Artichokes the size of my head are stacked on tables at the weekend marché, and next […]

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French Recipes: Couscous with Chorizo and Fennel

France is a cultural melting pot that you can experience firsthand by simply looking at the people and architecture in Paris. You can also taste the ethnic infusion in many French recipes. It may come as a surprise to […]

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French Recipes: Sautéed Steak with Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Valentine’s Day can often lead to forced gestures for those not so versed in the romance department. We can blame Hallmark or consumerism for the dread some fear when this holiday approaches. Luckily Parisian […]

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French Recipes: Salmon Mousse

You can always find a generous selection of seafood in Paris. Most larger marchés will have a range of fish from which to choose, and grocery stores also stock everything from white fish to shrimp, scallops and […]

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French Recipes: Mushroom Pâté

’Tis the season for festive soirées and holiday dinners. I love the French cuisine served at this time of year. You might see oysters, foie gras, filet de boeuf and of course bûche de Noël for dessert. Pâté is also […]

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French recipes: Granny Smith apples for a tarte tatin

French Recipes: Tarte Tatin

I like the idea that there are no mistakes in life since you can always learn something from your foibles, and a new path can often be a better one. I’m not so sure this theory is always true when it comes to […]

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French recipes: roast chicken with juicy vegetables

French Recipes: Roast Chicken

My first apartment in Paris didn’t have an oven. I remember standing in front of the owner, wondering aloud if I could live a year without the ability to bake, brown or roast. She looked at me in disbelief and asked why […]

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