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Girls Guide to Paris Women’s Only Tour Reviews

Ladies come on our tours from far and wide, and as young as 23 to as wise as 83. They come alone or with a friend or relative from all states in the US, Australia, Canada, as well as expats living in Europe and Asia. What’s wonderful is that the mix always seems to work. For me, its this coming together of different people from far and wide, then getting to know one another and leaving as friends who often will keep in touch and come on subsequent tours….this is the magic that women create together and its what these trips are really all about for me. – Doni, Founder GG2P 

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  “This business is a love for Doni, not a necessity, and I think that’s absolutely what sets her apart. These trips are not something she does every week, or every month, and they haven’t become routine for her. They are her passion and it comes through.”

– Jill, Connecticut.

 “Thank you for the wonderful experience we all shared this past week in Bordeaux. Exceptional. It was beyond any of my expectations. Doni, you are truly remarkable at what you did with all the planning and delivery. I am so happy I could be a part of it all.”

– Diane, NY

“A fantastic group of women; never met them before, had no idea who they were. There were no divas, all very accommodating…really lovely. I’m hoping we’ll all book Provence next.


Thank you, Doni Belau for putting this all together.”

– Samantha, Chicago 

“Experience Provence with Doni, a fun-filled week visiting beautiful villages, amazing food & wine, and a lifetime of special memories you wouldn’t experience otherwise.”

– Jo, from Melbourne, Australia

“Happy, well fed, enlightened, and looked after with care and finesse. It was indeed a trip of a lifetime!”

– Katie, Tokyo

“Still can’t believe the trip of a lifetime is over. How did we get so lucky? I miss you all.”

– Annette, Raleigh NC

“I want to write and add my two cents about the trip (Aveyron) We couldn’t have asked for a better group! Everyone was so interesting and open; and the different personalities made for a wide range of conversation and laughter.

I haven’t had a chance to go thru my pictures yet to remember the stunning sights we saw, tasty food we ate, and sounds and MUSIC we heard. From the Soulages Museum to the personal hospitality of Bobbi and Richard’s home–too many to recount.

Thank you to Doni and Katrin for steering our adventure. Thank you to the entire group for the companionship and warmth that made the trip truly special.”

-Cynthia, Chicago

Thanks so much for everything, it was a wonderful trip! I’ll remember it always.

– Olivia, Texas

I am officially besotted (with France) thanks to you and the amazing experience you provided. You truly changed my life and I am forever grateful.
-Barbara, Australia

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