Shopping & Sightseeing Tour Set

Shopping & Sightseeing Tour Set

For the serious shopper. These four tours take you all over Paris to some of the best shopping areas including:
the Marais and Bastille, Shopping With Jackie Kennedy in the 16th, St. Germain and the 7th Arrondissement.

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Shopping & Sightseeing

Shopping and sightseeing, two of the main reasons you came to Paris, right? This package of five different trips will take you shopping along the ancient streets of the Marais as well as St. Germain leaving time to stop and taste some pastry here and there and relax in a gorgeous square. Included is an extensive trip of charming Montmartre and Pigalle including the 9th arrondissement, a very trendy up and coming area that few tripists get to. Plus our path to Notre Dame winds you through some of Paris’ oldest and smallest streets and into what we think is the best English bookstore in the world. Bon Voyage!

These popular Girls’ Guide to Paris walking trips are enhanced with maps, text, images and links, and highlight many of the key places in Paris that make a girl weak in her knees.

Create your own bespoke trip by choosing those stops that interest you the most, enjoy them at your own pace and quit lugging around a heavy guidebook. Smile because you’ve saved. If you were to hire a trip guide, these three trips would cost you a minimum of 200 euros.

Trips included in this package:

Stroll along the Rue du Cherche Midi
Shop Rues St. Dominique and Grenelle in the 7th
Stroll from St.-Germain to Notre Dame (6th–5th)
Around the Marais
Pigalle and Montmartre
Bonus: Key information for Francophile filles (ladies who love France!)

Once the application has been downloaded, you can use just the trips you are interested in. The app then works off-line, which means that you can enjoy the trips without needing to connect to the Internet or incur those pesky roaming charges.