Girls’ Guide to Paris – Perfect Provence Adventure for Ladies Only Sept/Oct 2016

Landscape Provence France, Provence Adventure for Ladies

Limited to 12 guests
Days: 6
Cost: $3995 (SOLD OUT)

Have you dreamed of Provençale hilltop villages, Chateneuf du Pape vineyards, olive trees with glistening ripe olives dripping from them? What about strolling through a farmers market in Provence in September selecting farm-fresh produce for your early autumn riverside picnic? If you’ve never been to Provence, its a place that will live in your heart for many years to come.

The GG2P Difference 

  •  Our specialty is Ladies-only trips in regions that are handpicked by Girls’ Guide to Paris founder Doni Belau using local expert guides and instructors. 
  •  We mix it up! Unlike other trips that just offer cooking, adventure, history, shopping or wine-tasting – we do a little bit of everything. 
  •  On our Provence trip we’ll enjoy antiquing with the experts, truffle-hunting, wine tasting, a cooking class, old fashioned grape-stomping, market tours & picnics. 
  •  Our philosophy is to delve deep into the spirit of the region, meeting as many locals as we can during our stay. We do not believe in rushing around to a different spot and packing up each day, rather we stay in one location and explore the region from there making the trip that much more relaxing. 
  •  We’ll visit some of the most beautiful villages in Provence, we’ll learn a bit of history and participate in a pictoral scavenger hunt.
  •  Wake up to warm croissants, meet a local potter and raise a glass of champagne to toast your newly made friends. 
  •  Gourmet meals and wines are chosen based on demanding “foodie” tastes and include high-quality local ingredients made with passion. All but one meal is included.
  •  This GG2P trip will be hosted by Doni Belau, and my team of Provençal resident experts and will include a welcome dinner with lots of local Provençal wines.

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