Seen on the Streets of Paris: Trimmed in Fur

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Come winter, Paris street fashions are all about fur

It is very cold in Paris now with chance of snow. Snow adorning the boulevards is not the only thing winter has brought to the City of Light: the ever-remarkable Paris street fashions have been trimmed with fur.

Fur, real or faux, lifts the simplest black coat and skinny dark blue jeans to a new level of sophistication and even a little decadence. Those who wore it this way stood out a mile in the street. Simplicity when done well is eye-catching, and fur also has a wonderful way of transforming—and in some cases balancing—a silhouette to perfection.

Big vintage fur coats came out and became an outfit by themselves, giving their owners a carefree aura about them. Hoods were trimmed and sometimes accompanied by matching fur-adorned boots, which looked adorable when creatively combined with pastels.

In Pigalle I saw a quirky pair of maroon gloves with maroon fur around the wrists: color was a great way to break away from the classic look fur sometimes brings.

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