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L'Hôtel, in the 6th Arrondissement, in Paris

Photo: © Amy Murrell.

If you turn down the quiet street of rue des Beaux Arts in Saint-Germain, you could easily walk by the chic Paris hotel simply named l’Hôtel, as I did, but I quickly learned that this privacy is a central component of l’Hôtel’s charm and enduring success.

The building at 13, rue des Beaux Arts, contained apartments as far back as 1824. Oscar Wilde was one of the building’s most renowned residents, and he lived his final year here (he died in 1900).

There have been several major updates and remodels over the years, with the most notable redesign by famed designer Jacques Garcia. The hotel showcases its historical architecture while adding modern but luxurious updates with bright colors and patterns on walls, drapes and carpets that are further enhanced by the natural light that streams in from all sides.

A bedroom at l'Hôtel, in the 6th Arrondissement, in Paris

Photo: © Amy Murrell.

L’Hôtel has had its share of notable guests, ranging from Salvador Dalí to Princess Grace and a range of rockers, like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Jim Morrison. They have all enjoyed the sophistication and private luxury that the establishment offers.

You don’t have to take more than a few steps inside the simple doorway before you see l’Hôtel’s most unique trait: an open, circular atrium that features views of each floor and a glimpse all the way through the glass top to the blue sky. You can climb the circular staircase to admire each level, or take the elevator up and look down for another unique perspective.

L'Hôtel, in the 6th Arrondissement, in Paris

Photo: © Amy Murrell.

Before you even start the descent to the bottom floor, you can smell the soothing fragrances coming from the relaxation area that guests can completely take over to revel in the hammam, pool and a massage in total privacy. There’s also a package offered for visitors not staying in the hotel, which includes time to unwind in the relaxation area, a massage and then lunch. It makes for a nice break from long days of sightseeing in Paris.

L’Hôtel also has a one-star Michelin restaurant that serves breakfast daily, and lunch and dinner from Tuesday through Saturday. Since the beautiful dining room was vacant on Monday nights, the hotel decided to offer free music for anyone in the area, which is exactly what I decided to experience one evening. I was able to enjoy the acoustic sounds of a wonderful duo that rotated between piano, guitar and violin, while drinking an interesting cocktail from the fully stocked bar and its knowledgeable bartender. It was nice to have a drink in such a gorgeous yet comfortable room while listening to soft music. I was tempted to grab a room afterward to continue enjoying the evening.

Music at l'Hôtel, in the 6th Arrondissement, in Paris

It was especially tempting after I was able to sneak a peek of one of the rooms. Each is different but includes modern amenities like Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV and air-conditioning. Each also has unique touches, like an antique table that secretly opens up to a game table, which reminds me a lot of the hotel itself—a private hideaway in a great location that opens to reveal a wonderful hidden gem inside.

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13, rue des Beaux Arts, in the 6th Arrondissement.
01 44 41 99 00.

Editor’s note: We are lucky to have L’Hôtel as a partner in our Travel Club membership program. It offers our members a bottle of Green and Spring bath foam along with a complimentary glass of champagne per person, just to make you feel special.

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